5 Common Plumbing Mistakes Broken Pipes Can Indicate


Although your home is full of beautiful fixtures, appliances, and other fixtures, it can also be home to some less than wonderful ones. If you have an older home or one you built before modern plumbing became common, you may have even more things to look forward to. For example, older homes are often filled with tiny pipes, some of which may not even lead anywhere. And when there are so many broken pipes in one place? It signifies that you need a plumber Pickering to fix something as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common plumbing mistakes broken pipes can indicate.

You’re not flushing your toilets regularly.

Think about it for a second: what’s the one thing you do in your home that does the rest of the plumbing work? That’s right: you flush. And not only are you flushing, but you’re also throwing away the potentially clean water in your pipes. Picture this: you flush, and suddenly, you have completely clean water going through your home. But that water also goes to your other fixtures (like your washing machine, dishwasher, and sink). Everything will be super clean and sparkling after you flush, but then it will get all dirty again. The water in your pipes will be all clumped up together and flowing slowly. That slow flow can cause many other problems, like rust, corrosion, and even worse, pipe deterioration. Flushing regularly makes sure that your pipes stay clean and free of buildup.

You’re not keeping your drains clear.

You know you should be keeping your drains clear, but you forget. Did you know that one clogged drain can waste up to 1,000 litres of water daily? That’s a ridiculous amount of water that you aren’t using that could be put to better use. If you don’t keep your drains clear, you can end up with things like slow-flowing water, rust, corrosion, scale, hair, and other debris. Let’s think about this for a second. A clogged drain wastes a ridiculous amount of water causes all kinds of problems, and can even damage your pipes. Keeping your drains clear is essential, so your pipes stay clean.

If you have a clogged sink, shower, or faucet.

It’s one thing to have a backed-up drain or a clogged sink. But what happens when you have a clogged faucet? You’ll have to turn it on and let it run for a few seconds to unclog it. It’s that easy. It’s easy to get one small thing clogged and end up with many problems. That’s why it’s essential to keep all of your drains clear and keep them flowing nicely.

You have a backed-up drain.

A backed-up drain is when the water won’t drain properly from the pipe. It’s a severe problem because it can cause significant damage to your home. The water can even flood your home and generate losses of millions of dollars. What happens is that the water stays in the pipe and swells up, distorting your pipes, joints, or walls. It can even damage your foundation. The good news is that it’s easy to fix a backed-up drain. You need to unclog the drain and then run some water through it to get it flowing properly once again.

You’re not draining your dishwasher or washing machine often enough

Yes, you need to unclog your sink and drain regularly, but you also must ensure that your dishwasher and washing machine are draining correctly. When you don’t unclog your dishwasher or washing machine drain often enough, it can block your drain. It’s like a plug that you need to unplug.


The good news is that you can quickly fix plumbing mistakes. If you catch them early enough, you can prevent them from happening again. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the earlier you notice any plumbing mistake, the better. The sooner your pipes are unclogged and your drains cleared, the better. It’s important to remember that if you notice a broken pipe, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. The longer the pipe is broken, the worse the damage will likely be. That’s because the longer a pipe is broken, the more likely it is to become damaged or even collapse. So, don’t hesitate; if you see a broken pipe, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible.


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