Home News Style Wondering where to buy the perfect pair of heels in NZ?

Wondering where to buy the perfect pair of heels in NZ?

Wondering where to buy the perfect pair of heels in NZ?


Wearing heels gives you more than just height. A heel, in our instance, adds security and comfort. Block heels, stilettos, wedges, platforms, mules, court heels, heeled sandals, and boots are among the many varieties of heels available for women. Our beautiful women’s heels nz are available in-store or online, with quick shipping.

  • High Heels 

A heel adds so much more to your outfit than just height… In our situation, a heel gives us both confidence and comfort! When you shop Novo’s range of exquisite and comfortable high heels, you’ll never have to choose between style and comfort. Discover why our high-heeled shoes are so popular by visiting our website. 

  • Ladies High & Low Heel Shoes 

Whether you’re looking for a discreet low heel or a statement high heel, our large selection of high-quality ladies’ heels will keep you on your feet all day and all night. You may see the entire collection by clicking here.

  • Heels – New Zealand 

This season, put your best foot forward with our directional edit of women’s heels. Novo has a comprehensive selection of must-have heels, including towering platform pumps, open-toe heels, and stilettos, as well as practical block heels and enticing wedges, all inspired by global runways.

With a pair of sky-high stilettos or high heels, a bright lip, and a confident demeanour, you can take on the world in any attire. For a classic look, pair cork wedges with a chequered shift dress and a floppy hat, or go for a modern look with patent shoes and jeans and leather

If the thought of stilettos makes your legs quiver, choose a lower-heeled block or wedge heel. Regardless of height, make sure your heels complement and mimic the rest of your dress so they can easily be worn with any ensemble. For the warmer months, invest in at least one pair of classic black pumps and a pair of strappy sandals. Any ensemble can benefit from a pair of bright statement heels. 

Whether it’s a pair of mid-heels for the office or a pair of colourful pumps for a night out, THE Novo has a heel for every occasion and outfit. 


Every woman in New Zealand adores taking her heels out of the closet and putting them on for a night on the town. Because they may make you feel confident, these women are known for wearing heels all day and night. A pair of shoes may make you feel more confident and stylish than anything else. 


A pair of block heels is the first item on our list of must-have pumps. These shoes are suitable for every situation. You’ll enjoy how these block kitten heels can keep you looking beautiful all day, whether it’s for a dinner with family or a day at the office. 

Nothing beats slipping on a pair of shoes that can be worn with almost any outfit. Look no farther if you’re looking for a new pair of work block heels. Our pump collection is ideal for a day at the office. These block heels have a low base and comfy straps, so you’ll be able to walk about all day without getting foot pain. 

Then, to create a nighttime effect, wear your block heels with your evening ensemble. You’ll adore what a pair of block heels can do for your outfit, whether it’s for dinner or drinks. We are confident that you will be smitten by these shoes! 


You can show off your style both day and night with our range of stilettos. Both at work and at play, these pumps will come in handy. A pair of stilettos with a slender and tall base an a strappy low front. This style of mid-heels should be in every girl’s closet.

Stilettos are quite fashionable, ensuring that you will always be on-trend if you purchase a pair. Every female in New Zealand will understand our affection for a pair of stiletto shoes. A pair of new arrivals stiletto heels looks great with a pencil skirt and a loose-fitting top. 

For a day at the office, this attire is ideal. Head to a pub or restaurant for a night of fun and flair when you’re ready to put your work shoes on the shelf. Of course, stiletto heels work with more formal attire, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to wear these timeless black pumps to any occasion. 


Take a look at our selection of wedge heels. Every lady in New Zealand should have these pumps. These pumps are both comfy and fashionable, so there’s no reason not to get your hands on a pair. You’ll appreciate how easy wedge heels are to wear on almost any occasion.

These heels have been influenced by European fashion trends. Many women will be seen wearing their newest wedge shoes this summer. Because of their high level of permeability and comfort, these shoes are ideal for hot weather. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your feet aching during the hot summer months. 

With a flowy skirt and a cropped t-shirt, wedge heels look fantastic. Denim shorts and an oversized button-up shirt can also be added to your look. With a pair of wedge heels, the possibilities are unlimited! 


Wih our collection of pointed-toe heels, you can take your style to the next level. Every girl should own a pair of these shoes. A pair of pointed-toe heels will keep you appearing attractive and classy throughout the day. These shoes are ideal for a day at the office or a weekend special occasion. 

To complete your look, choose from a variety of pointed-toe heels. They are the ideal pair of women’s heels if you want to appear elegant at all times. 


To make a statement, match your next look with a pair of self-tie strappy shoes. When you want to create a fashion statement, these heels are ideal. The self-tie straps are also ideal for wearing throughout the heat because they require some skin exposure.

From dawn to night, you’ll enjoy wearing these heels. You’ll never have to worry about pain or discomfort because they’re so comfy, beautiful, and simple to wear. A pair of gorgeous self-tie strappy heels will undoubtedly draw all eyes to you when all eyes are on you!   


Platform heels are a must-have for any holiday look. Whether you’re going to a weekend party or a classy lunch with friends, you’ll look your best in a pair of platform heels. There’s no reason not to wear these shoes because they’re so stunning and trendy.  

The additional height provided by these pumps would be greatly appreciated. These platform heels look well with a modest dress or a pair of high-waisted denim jeans and an oversized blouse. These platform shoes will go with a wide range of clothes! 


We understand that every woman in New Zealand wants to look and feel well all day. As a result, we can rest assured that our heels will tick all of the boxes. So go to the Novo NZ website right now and get a new pair of stylish pumps! 

In these heels, you can put your best foot forward. Please keep bouncing with us! 



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