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Numerous individuals leave their hometown after finishing high school to pursue higher education and obtain entrance to larger institutes and colleges. Others depart their hometown in quest of better job opportunities and a better lifestyle. Some people prefer hostels, while others check out PGs and coliving spaces within protected communities. There are many advantages to staying as a paid guest. Once you choose to live as a paying guest, you won’t need to worry regarding purchasing everything you need when you relocate.

Among the conveniences accessible are cleaning services, WiFi access, continuous water and electricity assistance, fully furnished deluxe accommodations, and even more. In simple terms, a 1 BHK apartment for PG lease with all extremely latest amenities may offer a nice and happy existence.

Take into account, however, that the grade of the facilities is influenced by the price of rent you are willing to pay. You can pick from a number of rent options, and depending on whatever you select, you can lead a simple or opulent lifestyle. As a consequence, the comforts you enjoy are controlled by your budget. Let’s look at the advantages of remaining in a PG near electronic city phase 2 so you can weigh them in while considering your choice.

The Tangible benefits of Being a Paying Guest

Unlike hostels, where residents are bound to a number of restrictions, paying guests support a more enjoyable and unconstrained way of life.

  • You become acclimated to a more controlled way of living. You must begin providing care of all of your daily requirements outside of the comfort of your own house. It helps you become more self-sufficient and disciplined. Several PGs include cigarette and alcohol restrictions, which might help you keep your lifestyle consistent. If you handle it this way, you’ll be enabled to devote more time to your profession, academics, gaming, and other forms of physical activity.
  • You do not need to be worried about security since security agents are on duty at all hours of the morning and midnight at the gates. Women and girls can benefit from the security of a 1 BHK PG. Several PGs for women also use fingerprint access and technology-based protection methods to ensure that no strangers enter the grounds. The placement of CCTV Camera equipment also ensures protection.
  • Because PGs provide healthy cuisine, you are not needed to cook for yourself following a hard day at institution or the workplace. You have the option of receiving food three times ever day, and PGs ensure that you never go to bed hungry. In PGs, dishes are served at a set time, eliminating the risk of unpredictability and improving food patterns. Their dishes are made in accordance with diet guidelines, ensuring that you eat a healthy diet.
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  • The people who live in PGs are generally very nice and helpful. They are always ready to assist in the occasion of a calamity. You can depend on the administration and your friends for assistance in the situation of a medical problem. You might also form a confident and believing bond with your buddies. You can interact with your acquaintances and engage in entertainment hobbies such as online games and other amusement exercises in the common spaces, gardens, and parks, along with several other things, in your leisure time.
  • Visitors are only allowed to reside in the PGs for a certain amount of time. If you have family or a companion visiting you, they are invited to spend some time with you. It’s considerably more difficult if you’re residing in a hostel that forbids you from doing so.

PGs’ Constraints

While there are many advantages of residing in a PG, there are definitely some drawbacks. You must be knowledgeable of these as well in order to make an informed selection when selecting your PG. When living in a PG, you must adhere to certain rules and regulations. You should come back before the entrance closes, and many PGs prohibit smoking and alcohol on the premises. Parties may be forbidden. It is not permissible for visitors to stay for long amounts of time. This may be an infringement on your privacy, and you may be offended.


Consider the considerations given above before deciding if or not to stay in a PG. After selecting to stay in a single sharing PG in electronic city phase 2, you can look at the many options available. Stanzaliving has a 1 BHK PG for lease with excellent amenities at a decent price. They regularly clean and manage the fully equipped and large rooms. Water and electricity are constantly available, and security guards are on responsibility 24 hours per day. Laundry service, daytime power backup, and high-speed Internet access are all offered. Stanzaliving provides complete freedom with no restrictions. They also charge a nominal charge for all solutions provided. Their customer support team is constantly available to help.

Whenever you have any queries or require additional details regarding a 1 BHK flat for rent, you can approach them.

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