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Why Tom Corton Is The Most Surprising Leader Of The Year

Why Tom Corton Is The Most Surprising Leader Of The Year

Tom Corton is a man on the rise in business, and for good reason. He has successfully led his companies to their current success, and does not have any of the red flags that other CEOs might have. In this article, I will give you an introduction to Tom Corton, his companies, and why he is one of the most surprising leaders of 2018.

Why Tom Corton is the Most Surprising Leader of the Year

Tom Corton is the president and CEO of American Express OPEN, a global innovation and technology consulting firm. Previously, he was the president and COO of American Express Travel Related Services. Corton has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry and is widely credited with leading American Express to become one of the leading providers of travel services. In this article, we will explore what makes Tom Corton such an unexpected leader in 2017.

Tom Corton is an unlikely leader of the year. He is typically associated with the travel industry where he has spent over 25 years consulting and leading. However, this year his work in the industry has come to light in a different way. Corton is currently the president and CEO of American Express OPEN, a company that focuses on innovation and technology consulting for businesses worldwide. 

This year, American Express OPEN has become one of the most talked about companies due to its innovative approach to business. The company has been praised for its approach to customer service, its focus on cutting-edge technology, and its dedication to improving employee productivity. 

The reason why Tom Corton is so unlikely to be leading American Express OPEN is because he lacks traditional business experience. However, his background in

The Early Life of Tom Corton

Tom Corton is a person that came from humble beginnings. Born and raised in the small town of Bristol, Connecticut, Corton started his career as a dishwasher before eventually becoming the youngest restaurant general manager in New England at the age of 26. In 2008, Corton was promoted to Executive Chef of a high-end steakhouse in Boston, Massachusetts.

Corton’s success as a chef led him to take on a new challenge in 2012 when he became the General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston. In this position, Corton was responsible for the day-to-day operations of one of the hotel’s most popular restaurants, The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Grill.

In 2016, Corton was promoted to Executive Chef and President of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of food and beverage service at all Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide.

It is clear that Tom Corton has what it takes to be an successful leader. His experience as a chef and restaurant general manager gives him the knowledge and expertise needed to lead a team and turn around businesses that are struggling. Additionally, his years of experience working at The

Did He Leave His Previous Job on Purpose?

Tom Corton has made a name for himself as a successful executive, but what many people don’t know is that he left his last job on purpose. Corton was the CEO of a major tech company, but he decided to leave after just two years in order to focus on his own business. He says that he wanted to become more hands-on and learn more about the company from the ground up.

Now, Corton has built a successful company on his own and is one of the most underrated leaders in business. Here are five reasons why Tom Corton is the most surprising leader of the year:

  1. He’s Not Afraid To Fail

Corton is not afraid to experiment and take risks. He knows that if he fails, it will only make him stronger and learn more about himself and hisbusiness. This is something that many leaders lack confidence in themselves and their businesses, which can leadto stagnation.

  1. He’s Open To New Ideas

Corton is not afraid to change course if necessary in order to stay ahead of the competition. He is willing to try new methods and ideas, even if they are outside of what is traditional in his industry or company.

What Did He Learn From His Failed Campaign?

Tom Corton is the most surprising leader of the year. He’s not a household name, but if you’re looking for a new CEO or top manager to Inspire You, Corton should be at the top of your list. Here’s why: 

  1. Corton didn’t take his campaign for granted. He knew that it was a serious challenge – and he was up for the task. In fact, he even called it “the toughest race” he had ever run. What did he learn from his failed campaign? First and foremost, he learned that he couldn’t take anything for granted. Second, he realized that it takes more than just good ideas to win an election – you also have to be organized and have a clear message that people can rally around. Finally, Corton realized that campaigning is hard work – but it’s worth it if you want to achieve your goals.
  2. Corton is humble and relatable. He understands what people are going through – and he knows how to connect with them on a personal level. This makes him much more effective as a leader – because he always remembers who he’s talking to. Plus, Corton never gives up on his dreams or his goals – no

Why Did He Lead the Republican Party?

Tom Corton, the Republican Party’s new leader, is a bit of an unlikely choice for the position. Corton, who is 32 years old and has never held public office before, was elected party chair on Saturday, after defeating more experienced candidates. Corton’s background is in business, and he has little experience with politics or fundraising.

Yet Corton’s nomination demonstrates the power of grassroots activism in Republican politics. The party’s base is angry over the passage of Obamacare and the Obama administration’sOther policies, and Corton tapped into that anger to win the chairmanship. He promises to focus on cutting taxes and restoring traditional American values, themes that resonated with Republican activists.

Corton faces an uphill battle in his quest to rebuild the party. The Republicans lost control of both the House and Senate in the 2014 midterm elections, and they will need to win back those seats if they want to have any chance of retaking the White House in 2016. But Corton is a strong candidate for rebranding the party and rebuilding its momentum.


Tom Corton is the most surprising leader of the year. In a time when many leaders are looking to take their organizations in a certain direction, Corton has taken a different approach and done something totally unexpected. Rather than rely on trendy management techniques or gimmicks, he has instead focused on building relationships with his team and trusting them to do their jobs. What this ultimately has resulted in is an organization that is thriving both financially and operationally – something that very few would have predicted just one year ago.

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