Why Pay Attention to Your Warning Lights?

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Thousands of reasons are behind the idea of why you need to check your emergency lights anytime you drive. It helps you stay safe and comfy on the road and enhances your driving experience. The dashboard lights and icons aren’t there for decoration but are the way your car says, “Hi, I’m not fine, and I might not act as normal,” Which is a thing you need to pay attention to in order to have a safe ride. Ignoring those lights can direct your trip to be filled with troubles and end it with expensive repairs with your SUV, luxury, economic, or sports car model. Instead, we recommend you contact your rental agency for the issue to be fixed before you get behind the wheel and drive again.

Why Are Those Lights Important?

Each of the Dashboard lights has its matter and can attract your attention to a different issue that you need to fix before you get on the road. Whether we are talking about the brake fluid indicators, engine light, engine temperature light, oil pressure light, and tire pressure indicator, each shows a different issue of a part of the vehicle you need to check. Car rental Dubai can be a one-of-a-kind adventure, but when warning lights are on, it’s time to ensure you’re safe in the first place!

Brake Fluid Indicators

When the brake fluid indicators start shining, various issues can be detected depending on which icon is the one shining—making it a necessary thing to contact your rental agency and explain the problem before you start driving again. For example, when the hydraulic system warning light starts to toggle when you turn the vehicle on, it means that your brake liquid is low. 

Engine Light

When the engine light starts blinking, it means there is damage happening to the engine. If it starts flashing, make sure to pull over safely and shut the car engine off as soon as possible, as it means there is severe damage happening that needs to be fixed. It’s never safe to drive with it that way, so give your rental agency a call and explain the issue first. 

Engine Temperature Light

When a car’s water temperature light starts blinking, it means the engine is beginning to overheat. Making your driving experience unsafe as your vehicle might not act as it usually does. As the coolant might not be working correctly, or there might be a floating sensor in your coolant tank. We highly recommend you book your coolant change appointment soon without driving the vehicle much until it’s fixed and safe for you to move. Simply explain the obstacle to the rental agency you’re dealing with and make sure the issue is fixed without driving it before it completely is.

Oil Pressure Light

Another light you need to pay enough attention to is the oil pressure one. When it starts flickering, the engine is extremely low on oil. Making it necessary to refill it with oil so the engine doesn’t get affected, and the performance stays as well and safe as you would admire. Give your rental agency a call and explain the issue without driving the car any longer before it’s fixed and safe for you to drive.

Tire Pressure Indicator

When the tire pressure indicator remains shining solid, it means that one or more of the tires has low air pressure, which can cause multiple problems while driving and lead to severe issues. At the same time, if it lights for a solid 60-90 seconds, that means there is a problem with the TPMS system. Which also can cause obstacles while driving. Make sure you fix those issues as soon as possible before you get on the road again by contacting the rental agency you’re dealing with. 

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Keep It Safe

When you rent a car from an agency in the UAE, you need to ensure that car is completely safe to drive from the very first start. Check the tires, engine, oil, and water included to ensure it would perform perfectly. If it doesn’t perform well or feels like something is wrong, always get back to the rental agency with a call and ensure they check the problem and solve it before you drive that car. With VIP Car Rental, you have nothing to worry about. We present our vehicles and ensure they perform on a point within every deal.

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