Home Health Why Mosquito Elimination is the Biggest Favour, You Will Do Yourself

Why Mosquito Elimination is the Biggest Favour, You Will Do Yourself

Why Mosquito Elimination is the Biggest Favour, You Will Do Yourself

Despite their lilliputian size, mosquitoes are fierce and fearsome creatures. Relentless in their quest for nighttime nourishment, they circle your head like malevolent haloes, the buzz around your ears, and fatten themselves on your blood while perching on comfortable parts of your flesh. Australia has 300+ mosquito species that thrive in rainwater tanks. Due to the increase in urban populations in cities like Melbourne and Sydney, around 25% of Australian households utilise rainwater tanks, the perfect breeding ground for mosquito larvae. While tank maintenance is essential, the paramount mosquitoes are in control.

This post will apprise you of the importance of eliminating mosquitoes from your home and immediate surroundings.

  • Protect Yourself from Diseases

Mosquitoes spread some of the most dreadful diseases, including malaria and dengue. These illnesses will confine you to your bed with raging fevers, shivers, and influenza-like symptoms. If ignored, malaria can prove fatal. There were around 627,000 fatalities in 2020. Malaria infection in the erythrocytes can spread through blood donations, organ transplants, reused syringe needles, and possibly shared razor blades. Fortunately, it is not contagious or sexually transmissible. Expectant mothers can pass the illness to the foetus.

The yellow fever mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito spread dengue. Over 400,000,000 annual dengue cases have 40,000 fatalities, and half the world is susceptible to the infection. As there are four virus varieties, an individual can suffer an infection at least four times.

In addition to being physically debilitating, these illnesses can mentally agitate the patient because of their unpredictability. You will have to skip work, university, or school for at least two weeks. If you fail to implement that mosquitoes are in control for as little as $15, you may lose in the hundreds when you total the loss of pay and the hospital bills.

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  • No More Getting an ‘Earful’

Not all mosquitoes are evil killers. Some of them are just plain annoying. Imagine this. You’ve had a long day staring at your half-written master’s dissertation and decided to hit the sack. When you do, the devil’s minions buzz around your ears, singing in barbershop harmony. They sound a little wonky, though. No amount of swatting will deter them from reapproaching. Instead of hitting the air like you’re wrestling with an invisible entity, you should infuse it with a concoction containing pyrethrins from the chrysanthemum daisy. You’ll notice the night getting increasingly silent. 

  • The House Will Look Less Neglected

Whether you’re having visitors over or selling the house, it would look abysmal if they notice you cohabiting with an unruly mob of mosquitoes. God forbid a mosquito corpse winds up in the tea and cake you set before them. It would be wonderful to have a conversation that isn’t punctuated with painful gasps, shudders, smacks, and apologies. Potential buyers might cross your property off their list if they notice it is occupied by mosquitoes that won’t move out. Use a barrier spray and an automatic dispenser to eliminate mosquitoes in various growth stages.

Wrapping Up: Buzz Off, Bloodsucking Fiends!

So, there you have it: you should address the burgeoning colony of mosquitoes in your home and on your premises. Mosquito sprays cost peanuts compared to the hospital and pharmacy bills you rack up to treat malaria or dengue. You can also eliminate those species that remind you of those friends who won’t stop talking no matter how many hints you drop—or even if you lay it on pretty thick that you’ve had and heard enough. Take your health and sanity seriously by putting some magic in the air.

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