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What To Know About Jet Ski Rentals For Kids

What To Know About Jet Ski Rentals For Kids

Spending time with your kid on the waters surely sounds like fun. Many kids would love the idea of riding a jet ski with a parent/guardian. In some cases, you might notice that your kids are overexcited to enjoy a fair share of adventure, and you might be too. 

During this exciting water expedition, it is crucial to remember all safety precautions. So, let’s take a closer glance at how to ride a PWC with a child safely.

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General Rules For Riding A Jet Ski With Kids

Important Age Limitations

Before renting a jet ski, the first thought that comes to your mind is if the little humans amongst us are legally allowed to ride on a jet ski? Well, we did some research for you. The age limit varies from one province to another. 

In most provinces and jurisdictions, kids should be at least 2 years or older to be allowed to ride accompanied by a legal adult aged 18 years or older (either behind or in front)

In some areas, teenagers aged 16 years or older can start riding their own jet skis. The minimum age to ride jet skis alone is 12 years. However, this can vary from state to state. Therefore, check the legal age requirements in your destination before renting a jet ski from an online venue for jetski rental Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal. Get the catamaran of your choice with our yacht charter services. You may get the get the best yacht rental dubai deals through out the year.

Life Jacket Rules

Just like adults life jacket is compulsory for kids as well. However, the generic adult life jacks or PWDs might not fit your kid. 

Therefore, while booking your jet ski, ask the jet ski owner if they provide kid-sized life jackets. Else you might need to get personal PWDs for your little ones. 

Ensure the jet ski life jacket doesn’t make their body overheat throughout the day. 

Maximum Speed For Riding Jet Ski With Kids

Taking kids along for a fun jet ski ride means you need to limit your speed for safety reasons. The recommended speed limit is 20 to 30 knots, and this might be a legal speed limit for jet skiing with kids at certain locations. 

You can let your kids have a share of supervised throttle control but put your jet ski into learner mode before handing it over (assuming the rented jet ski has this function).

Ask about the features of the jet ski from the owner when you rent a watercraft from an online venue for jetski rental Montreal. 

Know The Weather Conditions

Check the current weather forecast prior to embarking on your jet ski expedition. Additionally, checking the cancellation and rescheduling policy of both the watercraft owner and rental venue prepares you for any nasty surprises. 

Heading too far away from the dock or boat ramp during rough weather isn’t recommended when you’re jet skiing with your kids. If the weather conditions change, you can quickly make it back to the dock safely.  

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Safety Lanyard

Another important thing that should definitely be on your jet ski safety list is a safety lanyard. It is best to have your jet ski’s cut-out switch connected to your child. In case of a rare unfortunate incident or accident, if your child falls off, the safety latch will immediately depower the jet ski. 

Generally, the bodyweight of an adult is heavier than that of a child. Coupled with a thick life jacket, you may not feel your child’s grip when you’re bouncing around in the waves and listening to that powerful engine. Thus a safety lanyard can be incredibly helpful during a jet skiing adventure.  

Connect with the owner while renting a boat from an online venue for jetski rental Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal to know if the boat is already equipped with a child-safety switch or do you need to pay for separate installations. 

Don’t Ignore Sun Protection

Summers are great for water activities. However, during the daytime, the scorching heat and harmful sun rays can have a negative impact on your child’s skin. 

Sometimes prolonged exposure to heat and light can make your child feel sick. Go for a hat or head cover when you’re not riding a jet ski. Long sleeve rashie and some kid-friendly sunscreen are some other great considerations. 

Carry a small cooler if possible to stock the water. Store other fluids in the front locker as well. Kids are more susceptible to sunburn, and you’ll always want them to have an enjoyable time out there as much as you’re having. This will ensure they stay excited about more jet ski trips in the future. 

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Solo Riding

Once kids reach a certain age, they’ll want to have some independent thrill and fun while operating a jet ski. In remote locations, some people allow kids to ride jet skis on their own from age 10. However, we strongly advise against this practice. 

Giving full control at such a young age isn’t just dangerous but can attract hefty penalties for parents. 

If you want your kids to begin learning early, then start by being their pillion passengers and let teach them how to ride safely.

Get Boat Safety Lesson

Before taking your child for a jet ski adventure, you’ll need to ensure that they’re comfortable getting out on the open waters. The perfect way to do this is by registering for a boat safety lesson before renting a boat from an online venue for jetski rental Montreal

This is a great technique to bond with your kids and teaches them how to be great passengers and drive.

The boating course will teach them valuable knowledge, including preventing unnecessary touching of any intakes or propellers. You will also know what to do in an emergency situation and how to avoid them.


Jet skiing is a delightful and adventurous activity when done correctly. In fact, jetskiing might become a fantastic life lesson for kids. With online jetski rental venues renting a watercraft is easier than ever. So what are you waiting for? Book your jet ski and get ready for a fun-filled waterful day. 

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