What Services do Marketing Companies in Canberra offer?

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Marketing comes under many guises in 2022. Finding a traditional marketing company Canberra has to offer is few and far between. Marketing has somewhat changed, and digital marketing is now the most used form worldwide.

With Google now receiving almost 8 billion global searches per day, businesses must look at enhancing their online visibility in Canberra as the city continues to grow.

This article will look at the basics of what a digital marketing company in Canberra should purvey to you. They should understand the people, their needs and your services.

What a marketing company Canberra should provide

Digital Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Website and Application Development
E-Commerce Solutions
Social Media Set-up and Marketing

The most effective form of marketing is through a digital realm in today’s society. E-Commerce is booming, as is online traffic in general.

So what is the best approach to your marketing in Canberra for the rest of this year and next? Let’s take a look.
What to Look for in a Marketing Company in Canberra

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Marketing companies should be able to provide a wide range of flexible solutions that can help you gain visibility and notoriety with the right marketing strategy.

Social media platforms are now more integrated and go towards ranking results for Google and the other search engines. Google had significant updates in 2021 that changed the online marketing dynamic and brought new ranking factors into play.

As a result, if you tried to place a Facebook ad the same way as you would have at the end of 2020, your old tactics do not work anymore. The marketing industry is so fast-moving that to start learning SEO and online marketing from scratch while running a business; is almost impossible.

A good marketing company in Canberra will know that a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. They must get to know you and your business inside out to ensure they deliver ROI on your marketing investment.

Here are a set of typical steps a reliable marketing company should do:

Define your short and long-term business goals and KPIs

Thoroughly analyse previous and current marketing endeavours

Perform local and state-wide competitive analysis

Identify essential marketing openings and opportunities

Define a strategy with tactics based upon analysis needed for success

Present an understandable theory and strategy

Create time-based targets to achieve

Optimise and execute the marketing plan

Constant and ongoing measuring of analytics and metrics

Initial Steps

Conducting a Marketing Audit

At the start, a marketing company must identify its business goals and determine why any current or previous marketing campaigns did not deliver in terms of new clients.

Competitor analysis is crucial and can open up doors to new ideas or point out something that your business has been missing. Brand recognition should be at the forefront of any marketing strategy.

Defining the Strategy

Once you have established your goals and have some idea of timeframe targets, then a campaign needs definition.

With many areas of marketing to be conducted, you need someone who knows how to allocate the right amount of time to each factor:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Content Marketing
Pay-Per-Click (if necessary)
Social Media Platform Integration
E-mail Marketing
And more…

Marketing Roadmap Development

Defining a roadmap with a marketing company is a good idea, not just to be organised from day one but for peace of mind.

Timelines and goals with markers to tick off will feel like progress as organic marketing takes time.

Analysing and Optimising

Once a marketing campaign is up and running, you should receive regular reports. If you are not that familiar with online marketing, you should make it clear to simplify reports. That doesn’t mean to contain the analytical side, but explain it to you in plain English.

If you follow the 4 golden rules a marketing company should abide by, you are on the right path.


Digital Marketing success does not happen by accident. Data is the key to everything. With data, research happens, and tactics can change along with your target market’s online patterns.


New ideas. To a tired business owner, that would be music to your ears. If things have failed in the past, why not try something new. Off-the-shelf marketing solutions do not work in 2022.


It is an Investment. When you invest in something, you want to know that you are getting your money’s worth. Make sure you are dealing with a company that is hands-on with their reporting and make it understandable AND checkable!


Keep Track of Statistics Yourself. Although a marketing company is an investment, and they get to work building your profile, they are not your business. Make sure you also keep track of their impact on your inbound leads and conversion rates. KEEP NOTE!


2022 and beyond is a new phase in the Internet revolution, and unless you live in a remote area, traditional marketing is fading fast. Digital marketing is the best bet in Canberra to grow your business. So do some Google searches and select a few companies to talk to that are consistently on page one of Google. That’s a good start, good luck.

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