What Is Hygge? How Can You Create That Atmosphere At Home

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Sitting by the fireside reading a book!

While soft light academic music plays in the background, if this is not the peace that you were talking about, then what is?

If you have been around social media lately, then you must have heard about something called Hygge. Yes, it is aesthetic, but the term might not be similar because it is not an English term.

It is a Danish word that essentially means cozy and comforting. But, people are also using this term to describe the feeling of happiness that this atmosphere can bring to your house.

The Hygge popularity has grown at such an exponential rate that now, even some interior designers are looking into the elements of Hygge probably because their clients have been asking for it

If you are someone looking for elements that can make your house resemble more of a Hygge atmosphere, then you have reached the right place.

What Is Hygge?

This Danish term means a cozy and comforting atmosphere. It also describes the feeling of home and togetherness that comes from being around the people and things you love

Hygge can mean a lot for many, but in pure interior terms, it means soft, warm and comforting hues which embrace the insides of the house.

Far different than sharp edges, long white ceilings, and more modern industrial decor for your house.

How To Bring Hygge To Your House

Here are some of the ways in which you could bring Hygee into your house.

1. Movies & Books

It is not just about your own surroundings but diving into your surroundings for a sweet escape, and what better way to do so rather than watching some cozy movies and reading books of the same genre.

A movie or series which has a warm saturation and a book that is a perfect companion for a windy night. Yes, hardbound books are amazing, but for now, you can do them with free ebooks.

Download some of the best hygge style ebooks and movies for free fromĀ pirate bay.

2. Candles If Not Fireplace

Having a warm environment is one of the crucial elements of Hygge. So, what better way to get some warmth in chilly weather than the fire itself. Yes, sometimes we cannot have a built-in fireplace, but you can light up some candles.

There is nothing that shouts Hygge more than reading a book in the flickering lights of a candle.

3. Vintage Items & Handicrafts

Vintage and natural handicrafts will take that industrial feel away from your house and give it a much homely atmosphere. You can have glass jars for your shelves and handwoven baskets for storing things.

You can also invest in some vintage wooden items, like a wooden shelf or dining table, which will simplify your setting and make it look more comforting.

4. Chunky Blanket & Throw Pillows

Chunky blankets and throw pillows on your bed or couch is something we all need, but it will bring out the best of your hygge environment. Plus, they are the best compliment for your reading or movie sessions when you are cozying up on your couch and enjoying your Saturday night.

5. Warm Lighting

Warm lighting is everything. No matter how your interior looks right now, give it a few yellow lamps and lights, and suddenly you are transported back decades when white fluorescent lighting wasn’t invented yet.

So, have a few of these lights on each corner of your room. They are a great addition to your reading nook, as they will help you read better without straining your eyes.

A Home To Come To!

Other than these few items, there are few non-materialistic things which will help you bring that comfortable atmosphere. After all, it is the people who will make your house a home.

Have more family dinners to bring out that sense of togetherness. If you are alone, then invite friends or family more often to dine with you.

Get up, light a candle and bake a pie, and enjoy the small things.

That is hygge!

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