What are VPS and VDS and what are the differences between them?

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VPS/VDS is a dedicated server that runs in a virtual environment. It is permissible to use the name of both VPS and VDS, it is essentially the same, the only thing is different interpretation. But the value does not change.

A dedicated server is actively used to solve various kinds of tasks, both private and collective. Hosting sites and various portals cannot do without it, they are also actively used to launch a VPN, as a storage for backups and files. VPS/VDS is indispensable in the gaming industry, with its help users place text stands and trading robots. But the server differs in its configuration, so when choosing, you should pay attention to its features.

What is the difference between VDS/VPS and virtual (shared) hosting?

To answer this question, it is necessary to define both concepts. Virtual hosting is called the most popular hosting, in which one server is used and several sites are located in it. That is, each site has its own place on a common server, but at the same time all sites have the same software.

VDS/VPS is also a type of hosting. At the same time, a dedicated virtual server is used for rent. The operation of this server resembles the activity of a familiar physical server. In this case, users have the opportunity to independently configure the server according to their parameters, they can edit files and even install their own software. Here, too, each site has its own separate place, but there may also be its own software.

VDS/VPS has a more expensive cost. But the price is due to a number of advantages.

Advantages of VDS/VPS:

  • Users have full ability to manage the server.
  • Users can independently select the necessary software.
  • A separate IP address is allocated.

In both cases, round-the-clock technical support works, which helps to solve any issue.

Thus, the main difference is different implementation technologies and the ability to install your own software.

Who is VDS/VPS suitable for?

VDS / VPS is ideally suited for those who have experience in administration, for those who do not have enough space on a regular hosting. The resource is suitable for those who have working, well-promoted sites. For beginners, it is recommended to use virtual hosting.

How to choose VDS/VPS?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is recommended to understand the requirements for VDS/VPS. First of all, you should calculate the approximate amount of data that will be stored. It is recommended to take it with a margin, as you will need space for utilities and applications.

An important factor is bandwidth, the speed of work depends on it. You should take into account the presence of IPv6, if necessary. Convenient operation also plays a significant role in the selection. The advantage is the control panels: Plesk and cPanel. As for technical support, it is available everywhere.


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