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What Are The Characteristics Of Residential Units In Hong Kong?

What Are The Characteristics Of Residential Units In Hong Kong?
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There are numerous types of residential units in Hong Kong designed to meet the needs of different classes of individuals who have different specifications and tastes in housing. These people in these different parts types of housing enjoy different benefits and face specific challenges, but the fact still remains that some of these people change the dynamics of their property, and they enjoy it to the fullest. 

This is determined by choice of designs used on the interior of the property in which excellence can only be achieved using the professional services of an interior design company (室內設計公司) like VW Design to get the job done. Here are the popular characteristics of residential units in Hong Kong so you can know what to expect if you are looking to get one for yourself, a friend, or your family.

  • Penthouse or Duplex

Usually, a high-rise apartment building will have two stories. Typically, a home’s maid’s quarters are located on the ground floor, along with a kitchen, dining area, sitting room, visitor bathroom, and laundry room. There will be at least two and perhaps three bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor. Garden terraces are common features of penthouses as well.

  • New Apartment Blocks

In Hong Kong, many are eager to move into brand-new apartment complexes. They feature up-to-date appliances in the kitchen and bath, as well as access to a variety of clubs that offer things like yoga, acrobatics for kids, swimming, volleyball, tennis, and heated & cold pools. A few of the larger buildings even include their own grocery stores, dining options, schools, daycare centers, playgroups, bank branches, transportation options, beauty salons, parking lots, and playgrounds.

  • Old Apartment Blocks

Many older apartment buildings have spacious units that might be anything from 1,700 to 3,200 square feet, with enormous balconies to match. Two maids’ quarters, a pantry, and a guest bathroom are standard in larger residences. Pools, shuttles, and clubhouses are less common in these properties.

  • Houses

On both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, you’ll discover magnificent, secluded colonial residences with lush gardens and winding pathways. In the New Territories, there are several newer structures. Even while residents typically own their homes, high-ranking officials and businesspeople from other countries may occasionally rent out their residences.

  • Serviced Apartments

In upscale communities in Hong Kong and business hubs, you can find hotels with attached serviced flats. Serviced apartments are a convenient, albeit pricey, solution for those who require temporary housing while they look for permanent housing or for those who are traveling on business and only have a limited amount of time to find an apartment.

  • Flat Shares

If you’re on a tight budget and looking to broaden your social circle, living with roommates in a shared flat in Hong Kong could be a smart move. Apartment rental fees are based on factors such as square footage, quality, and proximity to popular attractions.

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Bottom Line

If you are looking to understand the residential units in Hong Kong, these are the popular options available today, as well as their characteristics. For professional help with the interior designs in your apartment of choice,  you need to contact VW Designs today for the best results.

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