What are the biggest digital banks in the world?

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The digital banks gain space all around the world, moving forward and innovating how people make transactions. In the long of this article, we do a list with the biggest digital banks in the world actually.

Our list was based on total funds raised, valuations, and the number of clients for which bank in the list.

The top 10 of biggest digital banks are a mix of startups and companies from different countries and continents.

10. Judo Bank

Judo Bank is based in Australia, founded in 2018 by David Hornery and Joseph Healy. Their newest unicorn started your campaign for Australians and has a recent valuation of US$ 1.6 billion.

9. Monzo

Monzo is probably the most popular digital bank in the UK. Is one of the earliest digital banks started in the United Kingdom, founded in 2015 by Tom Blomfield and other executives.

At time, Monzo has almost 5 million customers and most of the success in this company is during the Covid 19 pandemic, gaining a lot of clientes in 2020.

8. C6Bank

The first digital bank from Brazil in our list is C6Bank, a startup founded by executives of Group BTG Pactual, in São Paulo.

Marcelo Kalim and Carlos Fonseca came up with the idea of C6 Bank in 2018, with a goal to get the same movement like Nubank did a few years before. Just in two rounds of investments, C6 Bank raised US$ 269 million and now the company is exploring other headquarters. Still in São Paulo and open investments in New York and Cayman Islands.

7. MoneyLion

Based in New York City, MoneyLion was founded inside the famous Wall Street, the center of business for all the investors. Just in 9 years, they have gained more than 7 million customers and make US$ 2,9 billion of market capitalization.

In 2021, MoneyLion followed the centralized institutions and started to offer for its clients the possibility to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum directly in the app. 

6. N26

Founded in 2013, N26 is a creation of Valentin Stalf. This German digital bank now has 7 million of customers and US$ 3,5 billion of valuation during the production of this article.

Before gaining the full license to operate, N26 was launched only with the app and a debit card for the customers. Fast forward in the last year, the company crossed 25 markets for Europe and dominated in the United States too.

5. Revolut

Founded in 2015, Revolut became a success offering to customers a possibility to trade in the market without expensive fees. Became the first digital bank in the UK to start in the list of unicorns.

The company was expanded to Europe, Australia and Singapore, and his recent touchdown was in the United States in 2020. With Revolut, many customers can invest in cryptocurrency, forex, stocks and commodities.


Based in Moscow, Tinkoff is the oldest digital bank in our list. Founded in 2006, they are now the second-largest credit card in Russia. The company started to operate as a bank in 2015, offering a list of products, like banking, travel and insurance.

Just in 15 years of history, Tinkoff has won many awards: Best Consumer Digital Bank in the world at Global Finance’s Digital Bank Awards 2020.

3. Sofi

Social Finance or just Sofi, was founded in San Francisco in 2016 by a group of Stanford business. Now, Sofi offers a lot of products for your 7,5 millions customers, including cryptocurrencies.

In October of 2020, Sofi received a aprovattion to offer a full-service national bank. With the purpose to innovate, Sofi simplified many processes at large in his story, like applying to loans and an easy platform to invest money.

2. Chime

Founded in 2013 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Chime is a fintech startup with 12 million customers. In a long process, Chime became the digital bank with the most customers in the United States market, with a 50% growth during the pandemic.

They wanted the strategy to focus on clients who earn US$ 30.000 and US$ 75.000 a year in the United States, in a proposal to offer an account without fees.

  1. Nubank

Founded by a group of American investors, Nubank is based in São Paulo and explored in the last year new markets, like Colombia and Mexico.

The popular “Roxinho” in Brazil, was the first neobank of this country, founded in 2014 just with a debit card. Now, Nubank offers many products for your incredible 35 million customers, like a possibility to invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks and funds.

Tell for us. Which banks of this list do you know? Is important for us to have your suggestions and opinions.

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