VR Oculus Quest 2: How to Cast to a Mobile

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VR is mostly a one-person hobby. Sharing a headset is not possible. The Quest 2 VR headset is not conducive to social interaction unless numerous users are engaged in a cooperative multiplayer experience.

The only functionality that is an exception to this rule is the Casting option. You may link your Quest 2 to a computer or mobile device. Learn how to share your virtual reality experience by broadcasting it to another person’s phone.

Warning: You can only cast to your own phone using this function. To release from a mobile device, both the device and the headset must be linked and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You may cast to your mobile device in two different methods.

How to Connect Your Quest 2 to a Browser – Mobile

To begin, you will need to launch the Oculus casting on your mobile device, ensure that it is connected to your headset and that your mobile device and headset are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To begin casting, you must touch on the option in the screen’s upper right corner. This choice displays the headset’s logo and a little Wi-Fi sign linked to it.

When you do so, you will be directed to a screen where you will be given a choice to pick the headset with which you wish to connect. There is a good chance that you just have one, but if you have more than one, choose the one that best suits your needs. After ensuring it is connected, press the Start button at the bottom of the screen.

The connection will not be made until a few seconds have passed. Please be patient. Despite this, you will be able to see what the player using the VR headset is seeing and hear the audio the player is receiving. You won’t be able to engage in conversation because it’s just a video stream.

Initiate It on the Oculus Quest 2

A cast may also be started from within the headset as a second method for sending content to a mobile device. Before you can do this, your phone and Quest 2 need to be hooked up and connected to the Oculus app. Once you have ensured this is the case, all you need to do is put on your headset, pass the phone to whoever wants to watch you, and start up your Quest.

To access the many sharing options available, click the Sharing symbol (the second icon from the right in the menu bar). You can access various choices, such as recording gameplay, capturing screenshots, or casting to another device. To activate the casting menu, select the Cast option.

You will find a list of devices you can cast under the menu referred to as “casting.” To begin releasing the Oculus app on your associated phone, select “Oculus app,” then click the Next button.

If you are competing in BeatSaber or a similar game but only have one headset, then having the other person view what’s occurring is a terrific way to prevent both of you from getting bored! The sharing to mobile option is a great way to let your spouse, kid, or friend see what you’re doing.

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