Viking Clothing: How to Dress Like a Viking

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If you’re looking to pay tribute to these hardy warriors, take a look at how to dress like a Viking.

You may be more familiar with their more famous brothers, the Norse gods of mythology, but the Vikings themselves were a historical fact and a formidable foe. As such, they make a wonderful, almost otherworldly subject for cosplay or LARP.

Here we’ll show you how your Viking clothing needs to look if you want to portray this tough, charismatic historical group. Read on to discover how to dress like a Viking.

Cloaks and Capes

About Viking clothing, the most common style is the circular cloak, which is fastened at the neck and draped down to the knees. This style is simple and practical, but there are also more elaborate cloaks with hoods and fur trim. Capes are often made of wool or fur, but other materials like linen or leather can use as well.

They can wear as part of a costume or everyday wear. Many modern Vikings choose to dress in traditional style, and cloaks and capes are a big part of that. If you are interested, you can get a Viking cloak here or even capes.

Leather Armor

Modern Viking clothes reenactors often protective leather gear to give them an authentic look. Wearing a full set of armor can be quite hot, but, so many people opt for lighter leather options, such as a breastplate and arm bracers.

When you think of Vikings, you might think of them plundering pillaging, and sailing around in their longships. Not only will you look like a fierce warrior, but you’ll also protect yourself from the elements.

Chainmail Armor

It will not only look cool, but it will also protect you from Arrows and swords. Chainmail is from interlocking metal rings and was first used by the Celts.

It then spread to the Vikings, who used it extensively in battle. The Japanese also used chainmail, and it was even used in the American Civil War. You can find chainmail armor at some costume shops or online.

Helms and Shields

Helms was worn by all Viking warriors and were often decorated with horns or other embellishments. It protects the head, while shields were used to deflect enemy blows.

Shields were also an essential part of a Viking’s armor and can use to protect the warrior from enemy attacks. Besides, you can also pair it with other weapons, including axes, swords, and spears.


A pair of well-made and comfortable shoes are a must for any Viking-inspired outfit. Some of the best footwear options for this look include boots, sandals, and moccasins.

For a more traditional look, go for boots with laces that criss-cross up the leg. For a more modern spin, try a pair of stylish ankle boots. All these options are comfortable and will keep your feet warm and dry.

A Guide to Wear the Best Viking Clothing

Viking clothes were functional and comfortable, made for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. By reading this guide, you can find modern versions of Viking clothing that are stylish and authentic.

With the right ensemble, you’ll be ready to take on the world like a true Norse warrior. So, what are you waiting for? Dress like a Viking and go for any adventure!

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