Home News Try 7 Trendy Lumba Rakhis To Make Your Dear Bhabhi Feel Special

Try 7 Trendy Lumba Rakhis To Make Your Dear Bhabhi Feel Special

Try 7 Trendy Lumba Rakhis To Make Your Dear Bhabhi Feel Special

Raksha Bandhan is a unique occasion that holds an extraordinary place in every brother-sister duo’s heart. The day pays respect to the sacred bond shared by these two while witnessing as they make an eternal promise of being there for each other through thick and thin. Sure, siblings are the main actors of this auspicious occasion, but while celebrating the love you feel for your dear brother, do not forget about the beautiful lady who makes him the happiest man alive. Yes, we are talking about your lovely sister-in-law, aka bhabhi. Lumba Rakhi has been a part of the Raksha Bandhan celebration for a long time now, and to be honest, the tradition is too unique and sweet to skip. This special Rakhi is tied on Bhabhi’s wrist to honour and appreciate her; it is a symbol of gratitude that you show for loving your brother unconditionally and marking her as an inseparable part of the family. 

As time passed, the symbolism of the precious Lumba Rakhi hasn’t changed, but the styles indeed have. If you go to order rakhi online, you will discover that there are tons of fancy Lumba rakhis available. So, this time give Raksha Bandhan a dash of style with these fantastic trendy Lumba rakhi options:

Pearl Studded– Pearls are considered one of the most delicate and sophisticated accessory items of women’s jewellery, so why not grace your gorgeous bhabhi’s delicate wrist with them. A pearl-studded Lumba Rakhi looks so beautiful that you will not be able to hold yourself back from getting one.

Rakhi with Zardosi Work– Combining two traditions together is always a good idea; therefore, the Lumba Rakhis made with Zardosi work look breathtaking. This exceptional art is actually quite old and mostly done on women’s suits and sarees. The zardozi Lumba rakhi is made with patches of embroidered cloth attached to beautiful rakhi threads. It is a lovely example of artwork, and the feeling that you found something so unique for her is definitely something that would make her smile. 

Shining Glitter Rakhi– Everything that glitters may not be gold, but it sure looks great! Keep that in mind; you can get a shining and glittering Lumba rakhi for your dear bhabhi. The shine of the Rakhi will match the occasion entirely and, of course, a perfect way of showing off. 

Stone-Studded Rakhi– If glittering glitter is not on your mind and you still need something shining for the Rakhi, then take a look at the stone-studded Rakhi. These pretty rakhis are available in many colours and shades; hence you have a sea of varieties available for you to choose from. You can go with the colour that your sister in law loves the most, or you can get creative and match the Lumba rakhi design with your brother’s Rakhi; it will be a beautiful surprise for both of them. 

Pure Silver Rakhi– Silver is believed to bring peace and calmness to an individual, so getting pure silver Lumba rakhi for your bhabhi is an excellent idea. Silver rakhi can be a bit expensive as compared to the normal ones; therefore we advise that you keep your budget in mind for this one. 

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Floral Rakhi– It is no secret that most women love flowers, so take advantage of this fact and get an aesthetic floral rakhi for her. The beautiful Rakhi can be of real flowers or made with ribbon flowers to last long. The ribbon flower rakhis are pretty easy to get; however, you will have to look a little hard for the actual flower rakhi. The effort will be all worth it when you see the beautiful smile of your sister in law and that very smile reflected on your dear brother’s face.

Raksha Bandhan is time to celebrate the bonds you share not just with your sibling but also with the person who has been there for them, always. This time, indulge in a festive celebration that brings the entire family together with a bit of effort from your end. It is also an excellent opportunity to put your difference aside and start anew; after all, “Apne to apne hote hai”!

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