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IND vs. ENG LIVE Score, 3rd T20I: Get the score updates, commentary, and highlights from the third T20I between India and England at Trent Bridge. The third T20I between India and England from Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

Rohit Sharma:

Even though we were unsuccessful, I thought the chase was spectacular. We are honored by the struggle. It was amazing to witness Surya. Enjoys this format and has a variety of shots. Ever since we brought him into the squad, he has gotten stronger and stronger. They exert pressure on us with their batting. We were put on the back foot by a decent partnership. You back yourself to get this score.

We were clear that we would only try out men who could bowl four overs. As a group, we need to work on certain things. I hope so. Things are going well so far. With each game, we strive to improve. It was a terrific learning experience for us to go bowling today. Additionally, to bat. Games like this will teach you.

Jos Buttler:

Wonderful game that is enjoyable to play. I believe our performance was slightly above average. Amazing innings from SKY. Reece Topley bowled into the wicket and handled pace pretty well, in my opinion. It was good to see Gleeson back on stage and provide another performance. CJ was also good. We are fortunate to have choices. There are also many all-around places. We make solid contact. Mo, who has a selfless nature, was eager to bowl despite the difficult decision. CJ had a fantastic series. He looked great and was rewarded after bowling some difficult overs.

ENG 215 for 7 in 20 overs 

Final Over:  Umran throws a wide to begin. Kohli is unusually sluggish to get to the ball, so Livingstone hammers the ball down to long-off and makes two runs. Livingstone successfully flicks the ball after Umran slides it to the pads for two runs. 

Livingstone tries to flick the ball over mid-wicket, but Umran’s pace defeats him. FOUR MORE as Jordan receives an inside edge from Umran’s bigger throw and goes beyond short fine leg. Jordan flies it over the cover for SIX after Umran throws it full and wide. 

As Jordan was run out while attempting two runs off the last ball, England ended the game at 215/7, their greatest T20I total against England.

Captains speak

Rohit Sharma

We would have started the game. Ravi Bishnoi, Avesh Khan, Umran Malik, and Shreyas Iyer are the four changes for us. They take the place of Hardik, Chahal, Bumrah, and Bhuvi. While we don’t want to lose the winning confidence, We are happy for Umran and want to encourage him by wishing him well.

Jos Buttler –

We’ll go to bat first. Simply looking for a change-up; excellent wicket. Reece Topley and Phil Salt have been added, and Salt will bat at position four. Curran and Parkinson are left out. There is still a lot of trust on the side despite what appears to be a beautiful surface.

Right, it’s time to throw. In the middle of the field are Jos Buttler and Rohit Sharma.


With only three months before the T20 World Cup in Australia, India captain Rohit Sharma is pleased that his squad is “going in the right direction” and checking off all the right boxes, but he does not want complacency to set in.

Under Rohit’s leadership, India has won four straight series. In the first two games of the three-match T20I series, India thrashed England by 50 and 49 runs, respectively, thanks to aggressive power play, batting, and bowling.

When questioned about how he is feeling with the mega-event just months away, a pleased Rohit responded, “We are checking the correct boxes and heading on the right path.”

All things apart, he had a serious note of caution for his men.

The only thing he saw as a red flag was that they shouldn’t get carried away.

The captain was really pleased with how his squad played both with the bat and the ball during the powerplay.

He also remarked that Whether they wish to bat or bowl, they are always aware of the extreme value of the powerplay. Furthermore, they even had excellent power plays in both games, and he even wanted to inspire the players to keep playing. 

170 on this Edgbaston track was a par score for the India captain.

Rohit remarked, “Winning is a good feeling, but for Rohit, maintaining the momentum was more crucial.

“It’s always wonderful to win games. Additionally, the group exudes confidence, which is crucial. We’ll try to move forward and pay attention to what comes next. He added. 

It’s not the simplest of tasks to defeat England in England, but India has already done so in four T20I series (two in India and two in England).

“Everyone deeply understands that the true beauty and great potential of England are everywhere they go, not just in England. What we wanted to do was apparent to us. The Saurashtra all-rounder, Ravindra Jadeja, has adapted to his new job as a batter who can bowl under Rohit like a fish to water.

“We never had the impression that he was in danger. We do want to give the players on the bench an opportunity, so we will go talk to the coach about it.

Wrapping Up

The ones listed above are some of the most sought-after pieces of India England T20 cricket match highlights in this year’s IPL tournament. The above-mentioned pieces of information must have alerted you about the happenings taking place around the most loved sport, cricket. 

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