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An Iphone is the most expensive piece of technology that can be used daily and carried in any person’s pocket. On the other hand, it’s common to see people with cracked iPhone displays and other parts. While we all try to keep these important devices safe, accidents sometimes happen, and the phone is generally the victim. When the cell phone drops down or suffers from any other mishap, the first damage to the cell phone is the cracked screen. Therefore the chances of a cracked or broken screen are more than any other damage. Like the growing chances of broken screens, the number of madison phone repair and accessories stores is also increasing. The companies like The Smartphone Medics are here to repair your damaged screen and guide you on how to take care of your device.

 Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, and we can’t think how we would communicate with our loved ones and business associates if they didn’t exist. We use mobile phones for every type of communication imaginable, who called me from this number, from catching up with a friend who lives thousands of miles away to asking a neighbor next door to go shopping with us.

The Top 10 Causes of Broken IPhone – Madison Phone Repair And Accessories Store

Nothing is more annoying or frustrating than spending a large amount of money on the most expensive technology. Still, it gets damaged or broken for some reason. IPhone or iPad screen can be damaged for various reasons, and in this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons behind the broken screen.

Dropped Phone 

Dropping the phone is at the top of the list of causes. People usually try to carry more than they can handle, and the iPhone’s lightweight and wide shape make it easy to lose hold. While walking or performing chores, some people try to navigate or type with one hand, which divides their attention and may cause the phone to be dropped.

Variations in Temperature

iPhones have temperature ranges that are both operational and non-operational. Allowing it to sit in the sun for an extended period might cause the screen to overheat, resulting in irreparable damage to the underlying components. Similarly, do not keep the iPhone in freezers or other cold environments.

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People Sit on it

While the iPhone can withstand some pressure, it can bend or break when a grownup sits on it. Please don’t place your phone in your back pocket and keep it away from car seats and chairs.

Kids Throw it Down 

It may surprise us that this isn’t the number one reason on our list, but it is among the top five. Kids are the most difficult to deal with when it comes to technology, especially when they throw it down in a fit of rage or forget they are carrying it when they go to play.

Falling out of Pockets

Jacket pockets that are larger and looser offer far more space than is necessary for a single iPhone. When people take up their jackets or walk around, the phone can slip out of their pocket and dropdown. 

Water Damage 

It usually gets soaked when you drop your phone in the bath, toilet, puddle, or sink. While the most recent iPhone models are water-resistant, they are not completely waterproof. Small cracks may be created by impacts, allowing water to enter.

Damage Caused by Selfies

This is a newer source of phone damage, although it is far from uncommon. Selfie sticks and unusual angles increase the chances of dropping or hitting the phone against other surfaces.

Smashed in a Car Door or Trunk

This one usually breaks or bends the frame as well as the screen. It’s not simple to crush your phone in the quick time between it falling and closing your door or Trunk, but it’s usually a doozy when it does.

Damaged by Pets 

Dogs enjoy playing fetch, but they can often confuse a phone for their typical chew toy, wreaking havoc on the screen and casing. No amount of glass protection will protect you against a larger dog’s bite.

You Stepped On It

Although not many people will drop their iPad or iPhone on the ground and then run over it, you might be shocked at how frequently they are left on the roof of their car. When the device falls from the roof to the ground or is run over by a car, it will crack.

Where to Go For Smartphone Repair? 

Whatever the reason for your visit with a damaged, cracked, or shattered screen, companies like The Smartphone Medics for the help. So, now, if you are worried about your cracked screen, go to the best madison phone repair and accessories stores for your phone repair or replacement. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can damage an iPhone screen?

Physical harm is one of the most common reasons. If your screen ceased operating after being struck by something, the damage is most likely physical. Water damage and extreme heat are two more prominent reasons for iPhone touchscreen problems.

Can an iPhone screen be replaced?

The Apple Store and several Apple Authorized Service Providers offer same-day screen replacement service. If your technician requires you to send your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center, you will be contacted when it is ready for pick up.

What is the most common problem with iPhones?

iPhone battery draining fast is one of the most common problems of iPhone users across the globe.

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