Tips On Becoming A Better Front Desk Receptionist

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Many may think that being a front desk receptionist is an easy job. Some may assume that it’s just greeting the customers and smiling, but there’s a lot more to it. You must go through a lengthy process if you want to become a front desk receptionist, from training your skills to making a good front desk receptionist resume and to performing well in your job interview while doing your best to stand out. 

Before training on how to become better, you must first master the basics. The following are the basic skills you have to master when working at the front desk.

  • Be empathic

When working in customer service, it is very important to be empathic since you are dealing with customers. You are the one that customers go to when they need something or ask for help. It is essential to learn how to sympathize with the customers’ emotions. Being empathic will make the customers feel welcomed and help them feel better if there is a problem.

  • Learn how to adapt quickly

When your job allows you to be constantly exposed to people learning how to adapt quickly will make your work easier. Being at the front desk means that you will interact with different kinds of people every day. Not everyone will be polite, knows how to speak your language, and is good at communicating. Adapting quickly will help you avoid encountering problems and make the customers feel comfortable.

  • Converse well

Communication is really important in customer service. You should have a well-modulated voice for the customers to hear you well. Have proper diction, pronunciation, and pacing for them to understand clearly what you’re saying. And tone to help create a clearer conversation. 

Once you have mastered some of the basics that were listed, you can now pay attention to the smaller details that contribute to your performance. 

  • Familiarize yourself with technology

As a receptionist, you must know how to use the different technologies and software that you are using. You must know how to use the telephone and memorize the functions of each button. You should also know how to use any software like spreadsheets to keep you organized. No matter how advanced the technology is now, you should still know how to operate the different machines that are used in the office like the photocopier machines, fax machines, shredders, and printers.

  • Confirm the caller

To ensure that the discourse happens between the correct person, always confirm the caller. If names, numbers, addresses, and other vital pieces of information are mentioned, repeat what the customer said to confirm.

  • Refrain from saying “I don’t know”

You are the receptionist, so avoid saying “I don’t know” when you are presented with something you do not know. Look for a way to give the customer the things they need. You can use phrases like “Let me look into it”.

  • Always jot down notes

Since you will be presented with different information throughout the day, you might forget them or get them mixed up. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, always take down notes. When relaying a message, take down the information word by word to avoid miscommunication. Do not forget to repeat and confirm the information you received.

  • Be presentable

Always look neat and presentable. With that, always act put together. You are representing your company, be professional and protect the company’s image.

Soft skills are very important, especially since you are in customer service and you are dealing with people. You might encounter people with unpleasant attitudes, so you must master all the soft skills needed in order to deal with messy situations properly. Always remember that you are carrying the name of the company, so always act professional and polite. 

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