Things That Ought To Be Verified Just Before Leasing A Holiday Home

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Everyone looks forward to taking a vacation at some point throughout the year, and having your own vacation home is a terrific way to ensure this is always possible. Vacationing in an unfamiliar place might bring on a severe case of homesickness. Nevertheless, this is different while living at temporary vacation holiday homes in Hunter Valley. In the Hunter Valley, there were 147,655 unique properties listed for sale from July 2016 to February 2019, with the number of listings peaking in December 2018. Temporary vacation housing has none of these advantages and often makes guests feel out of place.

Look For Holes Or Stains In The Flooring, Walls, And Carpets

The flooring, walls, and carpets are the first things a tenant in a rental home would notice. Small holes in the wall from previous art or photos are average from previous tenants, and scuffs on the hardwood floors are to be expected. However, it would be best to insist that any significant damage, such as glaring stains on the carpets or sizable holes in the walls, be noted in the checked report to indicate the presence of such damages. As an added precaution, you may document the damage using photographs taken independently.

Be Sure That Everything Is Working By Checking The Windows, Lights, And Light Switches

During a daytime viewing, when there is plenty of natural light, you may need to check that all of the rental unit’s lights are functioning correctly. You should also ask your landlord whether you are liable for repairing light bulbs or switches if any of these things appear broken.

Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems Should Be Checked, And The Thermostat

Suppose you are looking to rent an apartment and go in, and it is visibly chilly, but the thermostat says it is room temperature. In that case, you should check with the landlord to ensure the heating and cooling systems are functioning correctly.

Verify The Operability Of All Required Safety Devices, Including Smoke Alarms

You need to know that the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors at your rental property are in good functioning order in case of an emergency. Request that the landlord checks the smoke detectors before moving in if you see that they are not illuminated (i.e., the light or lights on the device are off).

Make Sure The Toilet And Faucets Of Bathrooms Are In Good Working Order

You may not think to flush the toilet or turn on the taps in the bathroom during a walkthrough with the landlord if everything is fine with them. However, ensuring the plumbing is in good working order is still a good idea.

Make Sure The Kitchen Appliances And Sink Are In Working Order

Like the toilet and sink, the oven and refrigerator are two fixtures that often get unchecked to ensure they are in functioning order until it is too late. Not all kitchen appliances are functioning, even if they seem OK to the naked eye; this includes the refrigerator, stove, oven, and sink.


Renting holiday homes in Hunter Valley requires careful consideration of the neighbourhood and its conveniences, like public transit, parks, schools, and the home itself. When you and your landlord perform the move-in walkthrough, you may easily dodge responsibility for most concerns by bringing them up.

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