The Truth About SEO and How It Can Help Your Business

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In 2022 it has never been more important to be visible online. Since Google’s massive surge in searches since 2019, SEO services have become an integral part of companies recovering from the pandemic and gaining more traffic and lead generation.


SEO and website optimisation help smaller to medium-size businesses create online visibility to help drive a potential customer to your website. Working with the right SEO company will help structure the website to push the customer to convert. Notably, the Scorpion consistently provides the leading SEO technology for home services.

SEO services are paramount in building brand awareness for your company, and online users are now more understanding of page one of Google.

Many people now understand and trust a company that is not advertising paid ads but is on the first page of Google and the other search engine results pages (SERPs). 

If you are in a niche area, you can use SEO to supersede your competition quickly. In 2022, many businesses have not recovered fully from the pandemic. Typically companies marketing budgets can be near the top of the list to cut.  

Here is an opportunity with the right SEO company to pounce.

If you’re a small business, utilise SEO to help build a dynamic web presence. That will assist in superseding your competition, gaining new customers, and creating brand awareness that will take it to the next level.

Here are some key benefits of SEO and how it can help your business.


User-Friendly Websites 

Working with an SEO agency that provides website optimisation as part of their packages is paramount to success. 

Optimisation is a buzzword within the industry and needs constant work to ensure your website adheres to Google’s Best Practices and therefore becomes ‘Google friendly’. 

Some people are still stuck in the past with SEO thinking it is all about keywords and keyword ranking. However, Google had significant updates in 2021 that have changed how they rank businesses. Website optimisation creates a better ‘User Experience (UX)’ for the user.

If a user stays on your website and clicks through your website, this is now picked up by Google. It shows that your website is valuable to the user searching for that particular keyword. If this becomes a trend, its crawlers will notice and rank you higher for that search term.

A clean, well-structured website that isn’t cluttered and has perfect images and videos will keep a user engaged and on the site for longer. Remember, the longer they are on your website, the more chance you have they will become an enquiry or a purchase.  

Also, content is king for Google too. An excellent clean website with good images means nothing to Google if it is not content-rich. Also, relevancy plays a big part.  

Content must be informative and therefore engaging and should clearly describe the products and services you provide for Google to index you and then rank you accordingly. 

Providing clear definitive information to Google’s users contributes to the overall UX.

Bringing in More Customers

Today’s main point of websites is to stand out from competitors and increase your customer base and bottom line. 

An SEO-optimised website will help grow a business twice as fast as one that isn’t. SEO has become the most affordable and effective way of finding customers actively seeking your services and products. 

Working with the right company will increase your visibility and enhance your brand awareness.

Improving Conversion Rates

An SEO-optimised website will load quicker, is easier to read and navigate through and will be compatible with all devices. 

If your website is easy to navigate, your inbound leads and visitors will increase.  

Building a loyal customer base, subscribers, and people who follow and share your blogs will grow your business exponentially. 

Building Brand Awareness

One of the long-term benefits of organic SEO and gaining online visibility is the spin-off from that is building brand awareness. 

Attaining page one of Google and the other search engines are enormous in gaining trust from today’s users. People are more aware of the difference between a ‘paid’ and an organic ranking. Therefore, faith plays a significant role in them clicking onto your site as people trust brands with solid online rankings. 

Suppose you want to build brand awareness locally or beyond, n that case, you need to invest in SEO and when you do, look to do it for the long-term.  Organic SEO takes time for Google to pick up on.  Once Google has you will start to see rapid progress.

The internet is being used more than ever, with Google receiving 8.7 billion daily search hits; it is by far the most potent marketing tool to build your brand. 


As I just mentioned, Google now receives 8.7 billion searches per day. This figure is up from 5.9 billion pre-pandemic. So more people are using the internet, which means more competition. So be sure not to be left behind and use an SEO agency and strategy to get you up the rankings for 2023.


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