The Top 3 Employment Screening Tools

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Did you know that the US Department of Labor reported approximately 6 million open (unfilled) jobs in the United States?

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the labor market in unprecedented ways. Employers were hiring and subsequently laying off workers within just a few months.

To ensure that a healthy workforce is always maintained, it is essential to make regular employment screenings. Employment screening tools can ensure that your hiring processes are efficient and effective.

These screening tools include employee drug tests, background checks, and social media vetting.

1. Job Aggregators

There are a few different types of employment screening tools that job aggregators use. The most common are criminal background checks, drug tests, and reference checks.

Criminal background checks are essential to ensure that the person you are hiring does not have a history of violence or theft. Employer drug screening tests are essential to ensure that the person you hire is not using drugs. Reference checks are essential to ensure that the person you hire is honest and has a good work ethic.

To many employers, the term “job aggregator” may bring to mind the websites Indeed or Glassdoor, which can be helpful in your pre employment screening resources.

These sites compile job postings from various sources and make them searchable by keyword, industry, location, etc. However, other screening tools can be just as helpful in identifying top talent.

2. Testing & Assessment

There are several ways to measure an individual’s potential in the workforce. The most common and effective screening tools are aptitude tests, work samples, and interviews.

Aptitude tests measure an individual’s ability to learn, acquire knowledge, and also remember new information. They are often used to predict success in job training programs.

Work samples are tasks or problems similar to those that the individual would encounter on the job. They are used to assess an individual’s ability to perform the job.

Interviews are conversations between the interviewer and the individual. They are used to assess an individual’s qualifications and motivation for the job.

3. Video Interviewing

It has become a popular option in recent years. It can be a great way to get to know potential employee and their qualifications before making a decision. Here are the top three video interviewing tools that can be used in the hiring process:


Skype is a popular video chat service that can be used to conduct interviews. It is easy to use and is available for free.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another video chat service that can be used for interviews. It is also user-friendly and can be used freely.


Zoom is a paid video chat service that offers more features than Skype and Hangouts. It is an excellent option for conducting more in-depth interviews.

If you want to see a good result in your employment screening, click this link to further expand your knowledge.

Best Employment Screening Tools

It’s important to know which employment screening tools are the best to use to ensure you’re making the best hiring decisions for your company.

Use all three screening tools to get the most accurate picture of your potential employee.

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