The Right Zeon Zoysia Resod Process and Reasons

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Many times, resodding could become a difficult job because property owners might not know the right procedure, and they make mistakes. These mistakes can happen because homeowners might not know which sod grass to install, how to prepare the lawn, and what maintenance steps to take. Not knowing these points might ruin the resodding process. So, the best thing to do is know the right process and reasons for resodding by sod grass suppliers before ordering Zeon Zoysia.

Reasons why to Resod Zeon Zoysia?

It has been observed that the damaged sod grass was revived by proper maintenance and care, like watering at the right time and fertilizing when necessary. But there are times when the sod grass had been damaged to the extent that caring and maintenance were of no use. In this situation, the only solution seems to be resodding the area or even the whole lawn. Below are the reasons for the grass’s damage, including centipede sod that leads to resodding.

Leaves Damage Caused by Wrong Mowing

Many people think they can mow the grass in whatever way they want. But certain errors made during mowing can damage the leaves and stop the growth of the grass. This can result in brown patches that lead to considering resodding. These errors include;

  1.       Mowing the grass when it is wet.
  2.       Cutting the grass either too short or leaving it longer than recommended.
  3.       Trimming the Zeon Zoysia sod with a dull blade.
  4.       Not mowing the lawn in one direction.

Water Quantity and Timing are Inappropriate

Almost all kinds of sod grasses require watering once a week or every ten days. Not watering at this time or applying more times can be why the sod grass is damaged. Also, the quantity of water is important to note. During the establishment time, water has to be applied daily, and the quantity is almost four inches deep. But afterward, two to three inches of water will be enough.

Inappropriate Fertilizer Quantity Applied

Fertilizer has to be applied once at the time of establishment; the soil becomes appropriate for sod grass to grow. Then only once or twice a year, depending on the sod grass you have laid. Decreasing or increasing the time and quantity will damage the grass.

Centipede Sod Grass has Suffered from Diseases

The sod grass can also be damaged by fungus, insects, bugs, and pests’ attacks. Also, weeds can grow, turning the green grass into brown patches and Fairy rings.

What is the Right Process for Resodding Zeon Zoysia Sod?

The reasons for resodding are serious, but the process is simple, just like the normal installation of sod grass by companies like Atlanta Sod Farms.

  1.       The installation team’s first step is to investigate the lawn to know the causes and intensity of damages. If there is a presence of weed or other grasses, the installers will apply herbicide. Other chemicals will remove insects, pests, bugs, and fungus.
  2.       Measure how much length of sod grass is required. Sometimes the damage is not intense, so only the damaged patches can be resodded. But on other occasions, the whole area has to be treated.
  3.       After calculation, the required quantity of sod grass is ordered. While waiting for the arrival, the ground on which the Emerald Zoysia grass has to be installed is prepared. It has to be understood that the grass has to be measured and then cut into the desired length.
  4.       The delivered sod grass has to be established in the normal way. If the whole lawn has to be resodded, the team will start from the edges and make their way to the middle. But for resodding the patches, the so roll has to be cut and then placed.
  5.       Homeowners must listen carefully to the maintenance instructions and follow them strictly. The instructions will include watering at the right time and quantity, applying fertilizer once a year, and mowing the grass with sharp blades and at the recommended height.

These are the important reasons and the resodding process of Zeon Zoysia that the homeowners have to know to ensure that the damaged grass is made healthy.

Here are three questions that will help to understand the process of resodding grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to lay turf?

According to Zoen Zoysia experts, spring is the best time to lay the grass. The reasons for this time include the weather being moderate and pleasant for the installation team, and the growth of roots and leaves will be fast.

How do you remove old grass and lay new turf?

The installation team will analyze the condition of the grass and then decide if herbicides or sod-removing machines will be suitable. It is important to note that the ground has to be checked to remove smaller leaves and roots.

Do I need topsoil before laying turf?

Yes, the topsoil is important for the growth of the sod grass. The fertilizer is spread on the topsoil from where the sod grass receives the nutrition and water.

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