The Pros and Cons of Breeding Dogs

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Should I breed my dog?

Many owners find the companionship of their dog so rewarding that they want to breed their dog, continue the bloodline, and/or keep a puppy. Others, especially first-time dog owners, acquire a female dog with the intent to breed her when she is old enough.

Whatever the reason, there are important considerations you should think about before embarking upon any breeding program. In this, and several other educational handouts concerning dog breeding, we will outline some of these considerations.

I obtained my dog from a rescue organization but he is so lovely I would like a puppy from him. How do I go about it?

Remember that, just like people, dogs are individuals and although we say “like father, like son” this does not necessarily always apply. If you really are intent on mating your mixed-breed dog, you must remember that female dogs, unlike people, usually have more than one puppy at a time. You have to consider how you are going to find good homes for the other pups in the litter. You also need to consider if your pet has a chance of passing on a health condition that may affect the foufou puppies and their new owners.

The first step is to find a female dog to mate with your male. The owner of the female dog will be the person with the primary responsibility for finding homes for the puppies that you do not want. Unfortunately, this is not always easy, due to the number of unwanted dogs in animal shelters.

Owners of male mixed breed dogs frequently search for suitable mates amongst their neighbors or other members of local dog clubs. If you obtained your dog from a shelter, pet shop, or a neighbor’s litter, think about what will happen to the puppies your pet will produce. Will you be comfortable if some, if not all, of the rest of the litter, end up in an animal shelter, puppy mill, or another unhappy home? This is a serious decision with the future puppy’s life potentially at risk. Make your decision wisely and carefully.

If I do decide to go ahead and breed my dog, is it likely that the offspring will have the same desirable traits?

Truthfully, the odds are against it, although training and environment help mold puppies just like people. It is rare that the puppies, especially mixed breed puppies, are identical to either parent, especially in terms of behavior and personality.

I want to breed my dog to reduce his sexual activities. Does this work?

Mating your dog may actually make these behaviors worse! If your intent is to control or curtail your dog’s sexual behaviors or proclivities, breeding him will not solve that problem.

What will reduce my dog’s sexual activities?

Neutering your dog will reduce some unwanted behaviors, such as roaming to find a mate. The advantages of neutering far outweigh the disadvantages. Neutering your pet eliminates his risk of developing testicular cancer and reduces his chances of developing prostate disease. It is well-proven that neutering does not cause negative behavioral changes in your pet. Neutering will only make your pet healthier and may even save his life!

If I do not breed my dog, how can I get another dog with similar characteristics?

Start by contacting the person or organization where you obtained your dog. There is a good possibility that they may have similar pets that would make an excellent addition to your family.

Alternatively, visit a local animal shelter and rescue a homeless pet. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Finally, talk with your veterinarian. They will be able to direct your search and provide you with assistance in finding the “perfect pet partner”.

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