The Most Expensive Types to Add to Your Beanie Baby Collection

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Did you know that there are more than 2000 different beanie babies? Who knew that a little toy would become a phenomenon that so many people would want to collect it?

People everywhere seem interested in collecting beanie babies. And despite what false stereotypes associated with beanie baby collectors suggest, this is not a wasteful endeavor. Some very expensive beanie babies out there could prove to be a valuable addition to your collection.

If you’re interested in learning more, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some worthy investments to add to your beanie baby collection.

Determining the Value of Beanie Babies

Different factors contribute to a beanie baby’s value. Such factors include the toy’s rarity, the condition it is in, and the condition of the tags and stuffing.

Certain beanie babies were limited edition, different generations, or soon-to-be retired. These toys are rarer than others, and as a result, they are of higher value.

If you have a rare beanie baby in mint condition, you’re more likely to get the highest value. However, even a damaged rare beanie baby can fetch a quarter of the price, which is still quite high.

The stuffing is also a factor that adds to the value. Ty Inc. switched from P.V.C. to P.E. pellets in the late 1990s for environmental reasons. Therefore, beanie babies with P.V.C. pellets are rarer and more valuable.

Tags, specifically ones containing errors, are also a way to identify rare beanie babies.

Finally, where you purchase or sell the beanie babies is important. You’re more likely to find rare options when you buy beanie babies online from collectors.

Most Valuable Beanie Babies

Now you know how to determine a beanie baby’s value. Here are some of the more expensive beanie babies you can get.

Chef Robuchon Bear

200 of these bears were manufactured for the 2006 opening of the New York Four Seasons’ L’Atelier Restaurant. It was exclusively sent to journalists, chefs, and special guests. Depending on the condition, they are valued at $5000 to $8000.

M.C. Bear

This brown bear was created in collaboration with MasterCard in 2001, and it was retired a year later. Its most distinguishing feature is its nose which matches the MasterCard logo. If you can find a verified M.C. Bear, it can cost anywhere from $2500 to $4000.

Mitya Bear

The red Mitya Bear was released at the Russia Toy Fair of 2017. An authenticated bear can range from $2750 to $4000.

Peanut the Elephant

Those who are into collecting beanie babies have a challenge finding this one. Peanut was only in production for four months as its dark shade of blue was a production error. Therefore it’s quite rare and frequently counterfeited.

If you can find a genuine Peanut the Elephant, be ready to spend $1800 to $3000.

Quackers the Duck (Without Wings)

While Quackers isn’t so expensive today, that’s because he now has wings. The wingless Quackers that came out in June 1994 retired in January 1995. If you can find a Quackers without wings, it can be worth $1500 to $2250.

Build Your Beanie Baby Collection

Several more expensive beanie babies can add excellent value to your beanie baby collection. Continue your search and widen your collection.

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