The Future of Gaming: 4 Things to Watch

The Future of Gaming: 4 Things to Watch

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If you’re a gamer or wish to invest in the gaming industry, the future has never been brighter.

But what are the trends in game development that you should be aware of? How will video games change within the next 5 to 10 years?

You want to keep your eyes peeled about the future of gaming. The changes in video games are exciting, and you want to understand these changes before they become mainstream.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. NFTs In Gaming

One doesn’t know what the future of NFTs will be as they remain popular but are also receiving backlash as many of them are losing their value.

Nevertheless, more video games are incorporating NFTs into their interface. One might want to invest in NFTs not for collecting art but for use in video games. You can view more to learn about how NFTs are currently being used in video games.

2. Mobile Gaming

As our lives become more fast-paced and we spend less time at home, we’ll have to find another medium for our video games. That’ll come in the form of mobile gaming.

If you want to invest in a gaming technology company, then you want to focus on one involved in mobile gaming. While video games for the major consoles will continue to be popular, there will be a growing market for mobile games.

3. Free Games

More games will be available for free, and the video games industry will follow a similar model as the streaming industry.

You can watch an entire feature film for free on YouTube. However, there’ll be the occasional advertisement sandwiched in the film. This ensures that you can enjoy the film and the producer still earns money.

One can expect this to carry over to game development. You’ll download a game for free, and there’ll be advertisements in the film. Instead of shooting a target, you might shoot a can of beer that you’ll want to drink later!

4. VR

We can also expect more gamers to turn to VR for their entertainment. Just as almost every household has a TV, soon they’ll all have VR headsets.

If you design video games, then you want to create an option for players to play via VR. VR, however, is unlikely to get adopted by the older generation of gamers.

You want to focus on selling to Generation Z rather than millennials for VR. Adoption of VR will be slower, but it will become the future, and there won’t be any turning back!

That’s the Future of Gaming

Now you know the trends that’ll influence the future of gaming and can determine the best options for you.

You want to start by looking into NFTs that’ll be used in video games. One can expect NFTs to become more popular in gaming technology.

We can also expect to see more games moving to mobile devices. Many games will be free of charge, and will earn money via ads. VR adoption will be slow but will take over the video games industry.

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