The Best Winter Hat Styles That You Need to Know

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In the era of street wear, we are a long way from the days when people used to use hats not to cover their bad hair days but to showcase their fashion statement. Back in the days, hats were something of a necessary fashion item that both men and women needed to follow. Nowadays, just because you don’t have a hat to wear, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear one. 

Even though you may not lose your body heat from your head during the winter months, there are various reasons to wear winter hats. When you wear a high-quality men’s winter hat, you will protect your head from the outdoor elements such as wind, snow, and rain that can ruin your hair. Apart from that, the hats will also prove extremely effective at keeping your head warm and comfortable. 

Therefore, keeping this in mind; here are the top hat styles that men should consider during the winter months. Continue reading the article to know more. 

The Beanie Hat

Just like the other types of hats in the market, the beanie hats also have a great history. During the first couple of decades after their introduction, the primary objective of the beanie hats was to keep the hair of the blue-collar workers from falling over their faces. The beanie hats are one of the few hats in the market that doesn’t feature any brim. Due to this reason, the beanie hats cannot be worn on hot summer days. 

The popularity of the beanie hats exploded again in the mid-2000s when men started realizing that these hats are extremely effective during winter at protecting their heads from cold. While purchasing the beanie hats, consider choosing something that is a beat and short as well as complements the shape of your head. These hats will help you stand apart, especially when paired with informal outfits. 

The Baseball Cap

Remember that the crafting process of the baseball caps is not equal. Even though the baseball caps might look identical at the first glance, you will always find some differences if you look closely at the baseball hats. 

Instead of choosing a regular cotton cap that might affect your masculine personality, you need to consider wool for the winter months. You also need to pay close attention to the baseball caps as these hats can be paired with both formal and informal outfits. If you want to use them outdoors, the dark colors will prove best for the baseball hats as they will absorb sunlight and make your head warmer. As per Sciencing, dark colors absorb more sunlight

The Fedora Hats

Unlike the close competitor or Trilby hats, the fedora hats are more versatile as well as feature a wide brim. The fedora hats feature a pinched crown and they are less susceptible to the trends of the fashion world. Despite the season, you can easily wear the fedora hats. 

The fedora mens hat is one of the most traditional pieces of headgear that you can find in the market. Due to their versatility, the fedora hats will never fail to amaze you. If you want to wear the fedora hats in winter, make sure you choose wool felt fedora hats. Consider pairing them with a grey sweatshirt, blue jacket, military trousers, and worker boots to achieve the best casual look. However, you need to ensure the color of the wool felt fedora hats are capable of complementing your confidence and fashion sense. If you manage to wear them correctly, the fedora hats can be paired with leather jackets too. 

The Baker Boy Hat

The baker boy may seem like an old and one of the most traditional hats for men, but they will undoubtedly help you stand apart from the crowd. The popularity of the baker boy hat started growing due to two famous individuals: Gandy and Beckham. 

For men who are unfamiliar with the design of the baker boy hats, this specific type of hat features a flat cap. They come with a sophisticated vibe as well as a neutral look that is more than enough to showcase a bold fashion statement. 

The baker boy is one of the most famous statement hats for men who are planning to wear something of eye-catching headgear during the cold winter months. However, while wearing the baker boy hats, you need to ensure that your overall outfit is simple. You can pair these hats with a pair of dark jeans, polished boots of black or brown color, round neck sweatshirts, and slim-cut overcoats. You need to avoid the pastiche at any cost. You also need to avoid outfits or other types of fashion accessories that are too much of old British fashion sense. This is because these items can affect the attractiveness of the baker boy hats. 


These are the best winter hat styles you should know. If you have any other queries, make sure you let us know. 

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