Steps to Help You Choose the Best Cable Provider

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If you are looking to sign up for a cable TV provider and want to strike a good deal, we came up with the list of things that you can do to get the best out of your TV subscription.

Cable TV is advanced now. Thanks to the cord-cutting movement. It made cable TV providers realize that they cannot just stick to the old features and settings. Cable TV offers a ton of exciting new features such as DVR, On-demand, Live TV Streaming, and a pinch of premium networks on top.

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting the best deal on Cable TV.

Understand your usage

Many people make this mistake by signing up for a plan that exceeds their usage. They end up paying an extra amount every month and don’t make use of additional features. In cases like these, it is useless to pay for something that you don’t need. Therefore, understanding your users is crucial.

You can start by counting the number of members of your family. Ask them their preferences, what kind of channels they want to watch, what kind of channels they don’t want to watch, and make a supposed channel lineup.

Secondly, ask yourself whether you need the DVR service. If you are a working family and don’t want to miss out on the shows, get the DVR to record them. However, if you don’t need to record shows and have the time to watch the shows during a telecast, ditch the DVR.

Lastly, ask yourself whether you need the premium channels.

Look out for the providers in your area

Once you have figured out the things you need in a plan, look out for all the providers in your area. Cable TV is quite common in the United States and you will find a cable provider quite easily. For example, Spectrum cable is found in more than 42 states. Check all the providers in your area using the internet.

Compare Providers

Once you have made a list of providers in your area, compare them. What kind of services do they offer? Do they have good customer service? What’s their service like? To get a better understanding, check online reviews and ask your neighbors about their experience with the provider.

Compare Channel Lineups

You will come across a variety of channel lineups. An ideal channel lineup is the one that ticks all the boxes for your household. Consult the list of channels that you made with your family or partner. See if all those channels are included with the channel lineup you are looking at.

Compare the prices

Now that you have figured out your desired channel lineup, compare the prices. Always remember that there will be some charges on top of that price for cable boxes, and miscellaneous features.

Bundle two or three services

Bundling two or three services from a single provider can be great. You pay a single bill for all the services. Most importantly, you qualify for extra features or promotions based on the bundle. You might end up saving a lot on your monthly bill. Therefore, look out for bundles and promotions in the area. We all need high-speed internet in this fast-paced world, why not get it from your cable provider? For example, you can bundle Mediacom internet plans with cable TV. The high-speed internet is ideal for HD streaming, downloading, and what not.

Call the service provider

Once you have decided, the plan, package, and provider call the customer service agent to sign up for the service. This is a bit tricky part. Normally, the customer service agents have many extra discounts at their bay. Once you are signing up for the service, ask for some extra discounts or promotions in the area. You may qualify for a free box or a premium channel for free. Check for the installation as well. If you have a working cable outlet, you can install the box yourself.

Once everything is decided, ask for the additional charges on the top of the monthly bill. You have every right to know all the taxes, fees, and local surcharges you will be paying on top of your monthly bill.

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