Split Sets of Rock Drill Bits

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A split set is a new type anchor of full-length anchoring and active reinforcement of surrounding rock. It is composed of an anchor rod and tray. It has nothing to do with a rock drill bit, the topic is wrong, and the content of this article is more inclined to what is a rock drill bit.

Split sets of rock drill bits are a must-have for any serious rock miner. These sets provide a variety of bit types and sizes, essential for effectively excavating a wide range of rock formations. Additionally, since split sets incorporate several different head types in one convenient package, they provide greater versatility and convenience than individual drill bits. 

Whether you’re dealing with hard chert or smooth limestone, a split set of rock drill bits has you covered. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your digs and drills, be sure to invest in a quality set of split sets today.

  • Molybdenum

Molybdenum is a metal that is found in the Earth’s crust at about 1.5 ppm. It is similar to lead in its properties and has a high melting point. It is used in engine parts, oil pipelines, and aircraft parts.

Molybdenum is a key element in rock drill bits, or tools that are used for drilling into solid rock. Molybdenum serves a number of essential functions within these bits, including improving the toughness and strength of the tool, as well as providing optimal resistance to high temperatures and abrasion. 

In addition, molybdenum works synergistically with other elements in the bits, such as cobalt, so that the overall performance of the bit is greatly improved. Overall, molybdenum plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of rock drill bits

Without this crucial element, our ability to effectively mine hard rock would be very limited. Therefore, it is clear that molybdenum is truly essential for modern drilling applications.

  • High-speed steel

Split sets of rock drill bits comprise a variety of drill bits with different diameters and threads. These bits are the best choice for intensive drilling. They can be coated with black oxide, diamond, or titanium to increase their durability. High-speed steel bits come in a variety of shapes to work effectively with various metals. A hole saw and twist bit are two common choices.

  • Roller-cone bits

Split sets of roller-cone rock drill bit models are designed for drilling rock in different rock formations. The drill bit body and the tungsten carbide inserts are formed separately, and they are pressed into holes drilled on the cone’s face. 

The tungsten carbide inserts are sharp and blunt, which are suitable for drilling hard formations with low compressive strengths. The cone shape and journal angle are adjusted to achieve a balance between the failure mechanisms in rock formations. The skew angle or offset of the cone is another key factor in achieving a balance between hard and soft rock formations.

  • Anchorage

Split Set rock drill bits are made from high-strength steel and feature a welded ring flange that enables insertion into a smaller hole. The rock bolt is then driven into the smaller hole, exerting radial pressure on the rock. This is an effective anchorage method that does not require a large hole to be drilled.

  • Concave step bits

Concave/Convex Center Rock Bits are made of premium alloy steel and high-quality tungsten carbide, which makes them extremely durable and tough. Each large bit forging undergoes rigorous screening and testing to ensure maximum performance. They can be purchased in single-bit and split-set formats.

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