Solar Panels for Your Commercial Fleet: What You Need to Know

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Solar energy is becoming ever more widespread across the globe, especially in the United States. Here, residential solar capacity has grown to around 97.2 gigawatts in the last decade.

As solar panels become increasingly cheaper, they’re making their way into every facet of everyday life. You can even enjoy solar savings if you’re operating a commercial fleet of trucks nowadays.

Here’s what you need to know, so you can benefit from solar panels for truck fleets.

Solar Panels Supplement Commercial Fleet Batteries

Solar panels are an important backup for your truck batteries, particularly during rest stops. They can:

  • Help keep the cabs’ HVACs running on overnight stops
  • Ensure refrigerated trailers stay cool for longer
  • Help maintain truck battery charge
  • Maintain almost 100% telematics availability
  • Marginally reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce roadside assistance for flat batteries

Solar controllers help maximize the lifespan of your truck batteries by preventing overcharging.

Using solar power in your trucking facility also helps reduce your carbon footprint. This can result in savings from tax incentives.

Solar Technology Offers Convenience

Modern solar panels are thin, flexible, reliable, and easy to install. Solar-supported telematics systems are a must-have for modern trucking.

For all other applications, you must consider your long-term savings on fleet costs vs installation costs.

Consider Physical Limitations for Solar on Trucks

Most trucks and trailers have limited space available for solar panels and the more power you need, the more panels you must install.

You’ll need a larger installation to power an HVAC than you will for trickle charging a refrigeration unit starter battery.

If you want to enjoy the best benefits of solar panels, calculate the cost of more powerful panels vs your likely savings.

Compare Costs vs Benefits

Commercial work fleet solar solutions are still in their infancy, and may not offer significant fuel savings at present. For most fleet owners, extended battery life and avoiding roadside assistance costs justify the expense of solar installations.

Solar power helps keeps truck drivers happy. They can remove the inconvenience of running out of battery power and increase their comfort on overnight stops.

In this way, solar power helps to attract the best drivers and keep them happy. This is particularly important amid the growing shortage of truck drivers.

If you have large carports for parking your trucks, you can also install solar panels on top of these. This can help reduce your business electricity bills.

They also provide an opportunity to get involved in community solar.

For eco-conscious fleet owners, knowing they’re giving back to the environment to help make up for their carbon emissions is enough motivation for installing solar power.

Move With The Times

At present, most of the benefits associated with implementing solar power for a commercial fleet revolve around convenience. As technology advances, we’re bound to see even more benefits emerge.

If you get on board with solar power for your trucks now, you’ll be ready for these future trends. For now, browse our blog to stay up to date on current trending topics from the realm of business.

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