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Sheth Jebun is the owner of the biggest nursing home care for the elderly in the United Kingdom. It is one of the established businessmen who used its money for the benefit of other people. He completed his nursing degree and has 30 years of experience in the health care field. His main vision is to provide a home to the people who cannot afford it. Also, to provide the extra care and medium.

He started his career in a very low-grade business. Then he established his business and earned as much as he could. From his earned money, most was used to help others and do charity and donations for humanity.

Establishment of his own business

He was a simple person first, like us, and started working as a nurse. In this field, he learned to provide health care to people in need. Then he established his business and worked hard to achieve his goals, and he became successful in achieving his goals. After becoming a successful businessman, he starts working to help other people. He built nursing homes in the United Kingdom to help people who could not afford their medicines. Mr. Sheth jeebun provided them with accommodation with, extra care, and support. He also provides individual care to each resident. As well as give a friendly welcome to all the residents when they shift from home. The older adults feel alone and miss their family, so he gives them home to a home environment where his staff support and comfort each resident. So they feel safe and healthy in their nursing homes.

In the United Kingdom, he built three nursing homes in London, Worcester, and East Sussex. He developed his business from small scale to worldwide; now, the whole world knows him and benefits from his donations and charity.

He worked for 30,000 artisans women in India.

Sheth Jeebun became successful in his life and business after achieving his goals. Apart from the charity and donations, he also worked for the needy women of India. There are a lot of women that belong to the rural area of India who wants to support their families. He provided them with a platform where artisan women sell their products. The women made handmade products and sold them internationally in the United Kingdom and some other countries. He supports such kinds of women to make their life better.

These women work hard and make handmade products and get a good salary from their hard work. Moreover, they support their family and become successful because of Sheth Jeebun’s role in their lives.

He said, “This is a massive project that will cover villages across India. Traditional products made by Indian artisans have a big market in the UK and several other countries. We will ensure the project is beneficial for the artisans as it would allow them to stand on their feet.” 

Many women get motivation from him and use their skills to succeed in life. They start supporting their family and making their life better.

Founder of Aster Health Care

He is the founder of Aster Health care, giving free treatment to those who cannot afford it. He said that I recognize the importance of sustainability in mitigating the impacts of over-consumption and carbon use. I am therefore committed to making all Aster Healthcare Homes completely paper-free by 2020. To do so, we are investing in the latest technology that provides unparalleled care management systems for the tailored treatment of our residents. Such digitization will provide more efficient and accurate care. Also, it can reduce our carbon footprint as a company”.

Sheth Jeebun said, “a key part of my ethos is giving back to the community and ensuring that I help those around us who are less fortunate. The pandemic of the last several years has truly highlighted inequalities that exist globally. I am incredibly proud to say that I have been sponsoring underprivileged children worldwide in Africa, Pakistan, and India since the 1990s and will continue to do so. As a firm, we are a corporate sponsor for several local charities, including Plan International, Red Cross, Action Aid, Aid of Care, Dignity in Care, and Guildford Philanthropy, among many others”.


His achievements and struggle change the life of so many people. People get healthy life as well as get better life and support. He also influences many people and provides donations and charity to help others. Many women start their careers and earn a good salary due to Sheth Jebun. And many people get shelter and health care because of Sheth Jebun. Many people cannot afford their medicines, and even they cannot get care at home, especially the elderly. They spent their life happily because of his nursing home, where his staff always supported the residents and gave them the needed facilities. Even the staff give individual treatment and care to those who need it.


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