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It is an excellent option to carry out cryptocurrency futures trading on the diverse and viable platform of BTCC. However, it’s quite astonishing to explore that BTCC has introduced the major app update to an incredible version 6.0.0 which is guaranteed to bring a totally novel cryptocurrency futures trading experience for its eminent users worldwide.

More about cryptocurrency futures trading and the newest app version 6.0.0 of BTCC

Those global users who genuinely love to explore amazing cryptocurrency futures trading on the newest app version 6.0.0 of BTCC should primarily know that there is a significant alteration in the app’s UI. It assimilates a more quicker and convenient experience of deposit, withdrawal, and cryptocurrency futures trading that is intuitive to the user’s requisites.

BTCC is an official provider of incomparable cryptocurrency futures trading universally since it has always taken hardships to provide an app that not only gives much simpler designs to their elite members but also the most powerful experience of cryptocurrency futures trading.

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With this novel app of BTCC, the registration, deposits, and withdrawals are much simpler and more secure. A significant change is in its registration process. The whole process is redesigned with an enhanced app interface to render a much smoother registration. Now users can instantaneously apply security settings and complete KYC in one go after signing up for an account to conduct profitable cryptocurrency futures trading at BTCC online platform.

The high boons of cryptocurrency futures trading on the novel app version 6.0.0 of BTCC

Primarily, and most importantly, the new integrated features permit the new users to secure their accounts with their mobile number or email address immediately after the sign-up process. This in turn allows much better security which is vital in the world of cryptocurrency futures trading. Users can even elect Google Authenticator on the page of security settings afterward.

Furthermore, deposits and withdrawals are made available 24 hours a day and 365 days a time in this upgrade, which clearly signifies that a user can make his or her desired deposits, and withdrawals of his or her high earnings through cryptocurrency futures trading of BTCC, anytime, anywhere.

What makes the deposits and withdrawals much easier, especially for the newbies of cryptocurrency futures trading at BTCC, is the recently added guides for beginners. They are simple to view and designed perfectly to match the trading needs of the new users. Its in-app manuals render the clearest and the most straightforward instructions that a beginner can safely and securely carry out his or her transactions of funds immaterial of their volume.

The overall cryptocurrency futures trading platform has been effectively enhanced to assuredly assist a user gain a genuine trader-friendly experience. It is also quite thrilling to find that an elite BTCC member can trade as low as 0.1 BTC and get an exciting reward of 3 USDT daily. There are even no requisites of any registration. So, it is truly worthwhile to make cryptocurrency futures trading a habit at BTCC and earn rewards every day. For the latest updates just access

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