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Strong marketing strategies lie at the heart of every successful rental business. If the renters you’re targeting don’t know your units are available (or get the wrong ideas of them), you won’t end up with ideal tenants or renewed leases.

How should you get started with rental advertising? Best property management software is a smart first step. With a software tool, you can customize and disseminate your marketing material to the places it’s most likely to attract tenants. 

You can also coordinate your advertising efforts with integrations across platforms. 

Here are a few steps for engaging rental advertisements and the ways property management software helps you achieve them.

Writing a Listing

Before you can reap the benefits of software listing tools, you need to write your listing. There are four components of a strong listing.


The headline is the most important part of a listing. Tenants will decide whether to read through your listing based on the headline, which gives all the information necessary for renters to determine if your properties could work for them.

An attention-drawing headline will include these components:

  • Price – The determining factor for most renters should come first.
  • Beds and baths – Helps renters decide right away if your property is a good fit.
  • Type of building – Apartment, house, condo, duplex, etc.
  • Neighborhood – Emphasize the benefits of your property’s particular neighborhood.
  • Best feature – End with a unique or compelling feature to highlight.


There’s no substitute for high-quality photos. You don’t need a professional photographer, but high-quality files with natural light can display your properties’ most flattering angles.

Don’t forget to accent important rooms like the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, and include floor plans if possible.


The description is where you’ll include details and specifics about your properties. Include information about amenities, specs, location, lease terms, your pet policy, and contact information.

Use clear, concise language and captivating adjectives to win over renters in your description. Exact measurements and numbers are preferable to vague language, which can be frustrating for renters looking for specifics. Finally, don’t be afraid to evoke emotional sentiment when describing the benefits of your properties.


Before you price your properties, consider current market trends. Find out what similar rental businesses nearby are charging for rent and decide on a figure that is competitive while remaining as attractive to renters as possible.

Use Listing Syndication Software

Now that you have your listings, it’s time to post them on listing sites. Without a software tool, you’ll have to upload listings individually to each site. A repetitive and laborious task like this can waste hours of your time. 

Property management software is a time-efficient solution to this problem. Many platforms offer rental listing syndication software, a means of uploading a single listing to many sites simultaneously. When you upload your completed listing, your software automatically posts it to the supported sites you indicate.

Listing syndication is a quick way to get your listings on popular listing sites like Zillow and For instance, after its merger, Cozy speedily integrates with 

Integrate with Your Website/Social Media

Property management software can integrate with many other applications besides listing sites. For example, some platforms allow you to integrate with your company website or social media sites. 

Let’s say you’ve invested your time into updating and modernizing your website, where you advertise all your available units. Or maybe you’ve carefully cultivated an Instagram or Facebook account to display your marketing content.

With the right integrations, property management software might allow you to make posts on those sites directly from your software account. Buildium is one software company with this type of integration. The platform’s partnership with Goodjuju allows for the automatic incorporation of your software tool into your website.

Track How Applicants Find You

Finally, keep track of how your applicants find out about your properties. Include a question on your rental application asking, “How did you hear about us?” and then keep track of that information. Eventually, you should know which listing sites or social media platforms are doing the best job of reaching your audience.

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Leveraging Software Tools for Marketing Success

Today’s rental business has many opportunities, mediums, and platforms to display ads and listings. With property management software, you can keep track of and integrate them all into your larger business management. By following these few tips, you are well prepared to navigate rental advertising with property management software.

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