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You might not be the one to keep up with appearances in real life, but your brand begs to differ. If you are an owner of, let’s assume, a restaurant, an apparel business, a packing service, a gift shop or any other business, there are high chances that you would be using hang tags. 

And if you are not, you are probably missing out on more sales conversions and stronger brand recalling. How? Let’s take a walk. 

Hang tags are an excellent method to promote your brand’s identity. They provide a chance for a buyer to remember your brand. Even though most of the hang tags end up in the trash, a nicely crafted hang tag with custom printing can break the practice. 

I wouldn’t lie, I myself save the best hang tags of brands that I bump into – and like other people, I use them as bookmarks, create my own design on them in my free time or let them sit at my table ‘cause they’re too pretty to throw away. 

This is what happens when you make a personalized hang tag which is worth keeping for your customers. And while many refute that offline printing is slowly getting erased from the surface of the earth, hang tags still stay impervious to the rumours. 

Discover more about applications of hang tags and why your business requires them, as well as a product guide that walks you through the different sizes and finishes.

What Exactly Are Hang Tags?

They are just what they sound like: a little tag that is attached to an object and has information written on one or both sides. They’re the tags that hang on new clothing and tell you how much it costs as well as the brand. The most popular sizes are squares and rectangles.

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While clothes hang tags are widespread, they may also be used for commercial or personal purposes, such as bespoke jewellery tags, product hang tags, and more.

How Effective Brand Recalling Is Achieved Through Hang Tags

Small things, big picture

A hang tag that seems small enough and should not be overlooked during the branding process. Sure, advertisements, sales events, and product innovations, & all of the expensive marketing methods will get you places but the opportunity of creating more sales will be out of the picture. 

Not having a hang tag for your merchandise, or not customising it to match your overall marketing strategy are both worse. This is especially true for products sold through retailers other than your own storefront. 

Consider your custom printing hang tag to be a business card. You wouldn’t go anywhere without your business card, and your merchandise shouldn’t either.

Your Sales Companion 

A visually appealing hang tag has the potential to pique a customer’s interest. Assume you’re selling your line of shirts at a boutique that offers a variety of brands to its customers. And suppose your blue button-down shirt is similar to another product on the rack next to yours. 

When comparing these two shirts, a customer is bound to notice the similarities. If the prices are comparable, what would entice them to choose yours over the competition?

 A consumer will definitely look at the hang tags and judge the brand’s quality. A well-designed hang tag can make or break a sale, so the choice is yours. 

Applications For Custom Hand Tags

Hand tags are not confined to clothing, jewellery, and eyewear. You can make your brand stand out by affixing a product tag to whatever you offer or sell to a customer

Here are some examples of how you may utilise them to boost your brand.

Hang Tags for Apparel

The most common application is for apparel. Most retail companies use them as calling cards, and they frequently carry the same information as business cards. Because items are quickly discarded, invest in a unique finish or approach that catches attention. 

Product Labels

They can be used on any product sold online or in a physical store. Investing in a non-standard size and/or particular finish, like with hang tags for apparel, is a terrific approach to gain attention because tags are thrown away before usage.

They may be seen on almost every retail item, from jewellery to eyeglasses to gift baskets. This is your chance to be inventive!  Even if your item normally does not feature a tag, incorporate one to catch the attention of a consumer. That one minor detail might turn them away from your competitors.

Party or Wedding Favours

Are you planning a special event or a fundraiser? Add a hang tag to party goodies to commemorate the occasion and remind everyone how much fun they had. Custom hand tags are also an excellent way to customise wedding favours.

Personalized Gift Tags

If your company sends out a lot of presents, hang tags provide a new depth to your brand while demonstrating how much you care. Hospitality, IT and real estate are among a lot of businesses that hand out unique corporate gifts along with the tags. 

Designing a Hand Tag

The design of a hang tag is determined by the type of brand you are creating. If your company already has a distinct logo and colour scheme, you should build on that well-known image that you are projecting to your customers.

But if your company’s name is on everyone’s mind already,  don’t mind keeping the tag as simple as a logo. If you want to add a punchy twist to your image, you can collaborate with a graphic designer to figure out the best way to incorporate the brand image that you already have with graphic flourishes. 

It’s the experiences that sell – and that is why the type of paper used to print your hang tags can make a huge difference. Thick paper stock conveys a sense of quality. You can even try die-cut hang tags that match your company’s image. 

A star or a circle might be a better representation of your brand than a simple rectangle. When it comes to hang tag design, don’t let anything worry you; just think outside the box! 

Here is some basic information that must be included in your hand tag for impressive results – 

Brand name or logo



Product specifications


UPC Number

Getting in Touch

Instructions for Use

Social networking sites

Sizes of Hang Tags

The size is determined by two factors: the item’s size and the amount of information you need to provide your consumers. Bigger isn’t always better, so think about where your item will be placed on the shelf/rack and how noticeable the tag will be.

Before placing an order with a custom printing website or merchant for the tags, just request a sample so you can see and feel them for yourself.  

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