Reasons Why You Must Visit Vietnam

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Are you a beach lover? Or Foodie? Or an Ancient history lover? Or want to explore the local lifestyle? 

Vietnam tours have all this covered only if you pre-plan the destinations according to time, interests, and convenience. We will be giving you enough reasons to visit Vietnam once in a lifetime. The place is full of ancient buildings, beer traditions, natural wonders, and awesome food. 

How to make your holidays in Vietnam worth a while?

  • Their favourite drink: COFFEE 

It is known to be the second-biggest producer of coffee around the world. The famous one is the iced Vietnamese coffee with a blend of condensed milk. The robust coffee collection provides a strong flavour. 

You can also try the fun variety of Vietnamese coffee, egg coffee, with a fresh egg yolk mixed with condensed milk. Head to a local coffee shop and sit on the pavement to sip a cup of coffee while watching various activities in the surrounding area. 

  • Give a try to historical sites, museums, and monuments

Every major city in Vietnam gives you an idea of communism, the Vietnam War, culture, and religion. Connect with a travel agency in Vietnam to gain more knowledge about the country’s history. Let us look at the few recommendations in the country:

  • Museum of Ethnology: This is situated in Hanoi, which gives you an idea about the ethnic groups of the country. 


  • War Remnants Museum: You will find this in Ho Chi Minh City. It tells you a lot about the Vietnam wars and the aftermath


  • Con Dao Museum: It portrays the history of Con Dao Island and how prisons were known as Hell on Earth 


  • Cham Museum: You will find this in Danang, which will give you a glimpse of the Cham ethnic group through various sculptures
  • Know the Local Culture 


The Vietnamese nation has been for centuries and does not look like it is fading anytime soon. It has a rich culture with many interesting things to observe and learn. Hanoi has some of the best collections like Hoan Kiem Lake, Hoi An, and Tan Ky House. 

If you plan to catch the view of some fine arts, you must visit the Kim Bong Village to take some intricate carvings as a souvenir. If you plan to see the Vietnam culture in action, the best time is to visit during New Year, known as Tet, when you will see the local celebrations. 

  • Go on some outdoor Adventures 

The place has a variety of adventures to offer during your tour in Vietnam. From taking a hike in the mountains to driving a motorbike through the villages. Some adventures you must try out when in Vietnam are:

  • You might want to go hiking in the Lam Dong province, situated in the Central Highlands. It has mountains, vast forests, and cool weather to make it worth visiting. Some other options to hike are Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, Chua Chan Mountain, Ba Den Mountain and Dinh Mountain. 


  • If you love waterfalls, then wait for some experience of the mesmerizing waterfall in Vietnam. There is Dalat in the Central Highlands, which has a collection of waterfalls. Some of them are Pongour Waterfall, Tam Than Waterfall, Dantala Waterfall, and Elephant Waterfall. 
  • Get suited with some tailored clothing

It is common for visitors to get a longer tour package for Vietnam to explore the best parts and consume the authentic vibe of the place. And getting tailored clothes like shirts, pants, dresses, and suits is one of the best things you can get. 

Vietnam is a hub for custom-made clothing with some of the best tailors in the market. You get to select the material, colour, and pattern of your clothing. Just focus on the quality and cost of the clothes and leave the rest of the tailor. 

Mostly, tourists visit Hoi An to get tailored clothes. But you can also see other major cities in Vietnam as your tour is planned. As a tourist, you can consider getting a tailored traditional Vietnamese outfit.

  • Go Underground: Caves & Tunnels

This place has a wide collection of caves that give you a gist of the history of Vietnam. Some famous destinations are:

  • Mammoth Cave: It holds entire jungles and lakes inside


  • Son Doong Caves: It is the biggest cave in the world. A visit to this place is limited and expensive. 
  • Paradise Cave: You need to have headlamps and strength to explore this cave. It is spread up to 19 miles with a variety of tours inside. 
  • Cu Chi Tunnels: It is around 50km away from Ho Chi Minh City, that is built in the 1940s as protection from French air raids during the Indochina conflict. These tunnels extend underground for more than 155 miles (250 km)just about. This network of subterranean passageways later provided vital access to and strategic control over the rural areas surrounding the city during the Vietnam War when the tunnels housed living quarters, hospitals, booby traps, and storage facilities for the Viet Cong.

What is the best time to visit Vietnam?

It is crucial to know the best time to visit Vietnam to avoid hindrance to your plan due to weather conditions. Although Vietnam is still considered as an all year round destination but it would be great to know some interesting facts about the places and their weather:

  • North Vietnam 

The best time to visit North Vietnam is during autumn, from September to November and spring, from March to April. Some travel highlights on this site are:

  • The historical capital city of the place, Hanoi, is a must-visit. It will take you into the place’s past with great architecture and archaeology collections. 
  • To get an amazing coastal experience, pay a visit to Ha Long Bay. 
  • To explore the mountains and wilderness of Vietnam, you can go to Ha Giang and Sa Pa to get the touch of Mother Nature in its most beautiful form. 
  • Central Vietnam

As a tourist, you can visit the place between February and August as it has pleasant weather. Some must add locations in your tour package for Vietnam towards the central part are:

  • If you want to go off-beat, then you should go to the Phong Nha and Central Highlands
  • Visit Golden Bridge in Danang
  • Visit Hoi An ancient town
  • To get a scenic view of the sun-drenched coastline, visit the Da Lat and Nha Trang
  • South Vietnam

The weather is warm and pleasant around the year, making it a tour anytime. Monsoon season is considered the best time to view dramatic thunderheads float in the Mekong Delta. Places you must explore in this part of Vietnam are:

  • To view the life beyond villages, it is advisable to head towards Ho Chi Minh City
  • While the Mekong Delta is known as the water world of the historical traditions 
  • If you plan to view the Vietnam desert, then Mui Ne is your place. 

The Last Tip!

During your Vietnam Tours, you will notice that most people are kind, generous, thoughtful, and optimistic. Grab all the chances to know the people and learn new things about their religion, culture, and daily chores. 

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