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Questions To Ask Web Designer Before Starting A Project

Questions To Ask Web Designer Before Starting A Project

Are you wondering if you have chosen the right web designer for your project?

Well, you do not need to stay confused about hiring the perfect designer to build a website. Indeed you can frame a questionnaire to examine the professionals and get assurance of their work quality. There are many reliable agencies in the world that provide great services. So, list down all the queries and doubts running through your mind in order not to miss any important topic before signing a contract. The answers to these questions will guide you to invest wisely in the right web designing companies in Singapore, a country with efficient professionals. Therefore, for your guidance, take a look at the listed question in this article to ask a web designer. Let’s get started.

Ask your web designer the below-mentioned questions to know their efficiency

Can you make the website according to the set budget?

Undoubtedly, every company has a certain budget under which they have to accomplish the goal. So when you are about to start with your project, discuss the total cost of the work. While you are calculating every figure, make sure to know what you are being offered in the package. It is equally important to know if the amount is worth the services. 

However, uncover all the hidden or additional expenses as well to avoid any confusion.

Can you show me your work profile?

The most significant question to ask is about past work experience. You can also seek a portfolio in which they have listed every work and link of the project completed till date. These references will help you get an idea of the way of working, quality as well as the knowledge. Additionally, you can check if they have ever dealt with the same project as yours. 

Moreover, the portfolio can be assumed as a catalog for you to pick any template or feature to fit in your website design. 

Do you design custom websites or use built-in templates?

There are many web designers who make use of built-in templates while designing the website to save time and effort. But, it never gives the desired look to match your business nature. Just like every company has a unique working style and goals, the website should also be customized. Fortunately, the web designers in Singapore, always ensure to meet their client’s needs. The website needs to have the functions and elements according to the business operation.

Therefore, do ask the designer if they deal in already present templates or customize on the client’s demand. 

Do you provide assistance post-completion of the project?

Once the project is complete and handed over to you by the designer, it needs regular inspection. No doubt, the website designed by a professional is efficient, but it may have some errors in regular working. The issues can be slow speed, pages not accessible, visual content not displaying, etc. 

So, make sure the designers agree to support post-completion of the project.

Will the site be mobile-friendly?

In this advanced time, nobody likes to check any information or shopping websites from a laptop. Instead, people are in favor of mobiles to search for services or any products. That is the reason, it is vital for a website to be mobile-friendly to be accessible by a large number of people.

Positively, you should make sure that the web designer optimizes the content and other visuals of the site to fit every screen size. The mobile-friendly website will not only give a convenient browning experience but reduce the bounce rate as well. 

Do you hold SEO knowledge to boost the ranking factor of the website?

While you are putting up all the relevant queries, do not forget to ask if the designer is aware of SEO strategies. The website should be SEO- friendly in order to rank at a high position when the user searches for the offered services. Some of the important SEO factors are:

  • Url Structure of the site
  • Indexable site content
  • Convenient navigation
  • Clickable and accurate CTA, etc.

At the end of the day, the sole purpose is to appear in top google searches. Therefore,  it is very important to design the Website based on SEO strategies. 

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At last, the listed questions are the basic queries of every client that should be cleared in the first interaction. Additionally, the very crucial aspect of the website is to represent itself on online platforms as their physical impression. So, you can ask if they make custom web designs in Singapore or use the templates. Go through the portfolio as well as ensure that you get everything in the budget.

So, remember the important questions to ask when you are making an investment before starting the project.

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