Qualities of Foster Parents Required for Adopting a Child in Georgia

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Being a foster parent is an unpopular choice. A path many fail to walk on. The reputation of foster parents and adoptive kids have never been so good. A lot of scary dramas and movies that have a plot of emotionally miserable and mentally unhealthy foster parents and adoptive kids are flowing in the mainstream media. Stories of kids with damaged souls due to horrifying experiences in foster care have tarnished our minds. Being a foster parent is a choice that is resented. But have you ever thought about the qualities a foster parent should have for adopting a child in Georgia ? What is an ideal behavior required from foster parents? Let’s have a look.

Qualities of Ideal Foster Parents of Kids for Adoption in Georgia

Once you are done with all the legal requirements and the adoption attorney gives you the go-ahead, you need to look at yourself once again and see if you have the qualities that are required to be the foster parents of kids that are up for adoption.Let us have a look at a few of the qualities that are mentioned below:

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It takes a village to raise kids…

Just like a parent, being a foster parent is an extremely exhausting job. An unforgiving role that requires complete attention and devotion 24*7. There are repetitive challenges that exhaust you mentally, physically, and emotionally. One can only cross this journey with the help of a strong support system who are there to help you from easy to difficult tasks. Maybe after having an emotionally stressful day with your foster kid, you need some emotional support that your family can give, or when juggling so many tasks, you need someone to take your kids to the doctor’s appointment. Either way, a support system is the key to raising good kids.

Not to Panic….

Nothing will go as planned. The foster care agencies will call you in the middle of nowhere and ask you to pick up the kids right there and then. It can be the middle of the night while sleeping or during a very important meeting. The key is not to panic and accommodate. It is hard for you but trust me, it is much harder for the kids who got separated from their families out of nowhere.

Transparency is the key!!!

When you start the process for  adopting a child in Georgia, the agency would want to know each and everything about you. They track your records, go for background checks, interview personal references, look at your driving license, and go through your home. Hence your life comes under a microscope. By being transparent and honest, you, being the foster parent, can satisfy the adoption agencies. Moreover, this check and balance will not stop here. Once the child is home, the agency will constantly keep in touch with you. Acting as guardian angels of the child, they will often have surprise visits. Being comfortable with the whole scenario will keep everyone at ease and satisfy the adoption agencies.

 Never Stop Learning

Kids in foster care are not ideal kids with the best of behaviors. These poor souls have faced harsh realities at a very young age like parent neglect, abuse, drugs, or a health problem. Hence, Foster parents are not presented with ideal scenarios. But the tables can be turned if the foster parents are willing to learn and improvise with time. They won’t become an expert on child psychology, but will become a better parent and improve the life of the gentle soul placed in their care.

Being Patient is important

To be successful at anything requires patience. This is true for human relations as well. Kids for adoption in Georgia do not easily open up to their foster parents. They have their own past, fears, and behavioral problems lurking around, making it difficult for them to warm up to their foster parents. Hence, you need to keep trying patiently and persistently. It will not be an overnight fix, and a small positive change will require persistent efforts but don’t forget the fact that they do not have the best opinion of the world due to the difficulties they faced.

Are you Ready?

The above mentioned are some of the few qualities international adoption agencies look for in foster parents. If you think you have what it takes to be a foster parent, then go ahead and consult an adoption attorney or firm like Thomas Tebeau to help you with the process.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How would you describe a good foster parent?

Ans: A good foster parent has:

  • the stability in family and personal life
  • They are able to nurture and educate the children without giving physical punishment.
  • They are mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.
  • They are willing to cooperate with other people like real parents and agencies to provide a 360 care system for the kids.
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