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Muay Thai Training Gear You Must Have in Your Gym Bag

Muay Thai Training Gear You Must Have in Your Gym Bag
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If you want to practice Muay Thai safely, there is a list of equipment you require in your gym bag daily. When purchasing the required gear, your only limit is the size of your gym bag and the set budget. Below is a list of equipment you require for Muay Thai training.


Mouthguards are vital as they help protect your teeth. There are various mouthpieces; beginners may opt for the boil-and-bite type. However, boil-and-bite mouthguards may fail to fit entirely well, which is why most professional athletes purchase custom-fit mouthguards from dental experts like this dentist in Naperville. Though the custom mouthpiece may not be used daily, investing in one helps add the required protection.


Some may believe that headgear is unimportant when participating in Muay Thai training. A headgear is essential as it protects your face from bruises, cuts, and severe injuries like concussions when training. Ensure you research the head guard that best suits you before purchasing to secure the correct size.

Hand Wraps

The human hand has 27 tiny bones surrounded by soft tissues. Covering your hands with hand wraps helps protect them from injuries during training. The wraps cast your hands, which minimizes the movement of wrists and fingers when punching. Invest in a quality pair as they offer better protection and last longer. You should also learn the best way of wrapping your hands to minimize the chances of sustaining injuries during Muay Thai training.

Boxing Gloves

Consider owning a pair of gloves, especially when participating in combat sports like Muay Thai. Muay Thai boxing gloves protect your hands from injuries and minimize your chances of injuring the sparring partner. Though the Muay Thai boxing gloves are different from the standard boxing gloves, both can assist you, especially if you are a beginner. As you advance in your Muay Thai game, you must invest in high-quality boxing gloves to minimize the chances of harming your hands.

Shin Guards

Shin guards provide the instep, the top of the foot, and the shin with a thick layer of protection. There are different sizes available in the market, so it is essential to try them before purchasing. Beginners may not require them during their first San Diego Muay Thai classes, but they eventually need them during sparring and drill. Instead of waiting, you are advised to buy them early, so you are ready once you get invited to a sparring class.

Muay Thai Shorts

The last thing a Muay Thai trainee wants is to show up to training in basketball shorts. Purchase a pair of Muay Thai shorts with enough room in the groin and thigh area to ensure you are comfortable when throwing your kicks. You can throw a few kicks when trying a pair to assess whether they fit correctly and give you the required space.

Ankle Wraps

Ankle wraps provide extra support for your ankles. They may not be the first thing you require in Muay Thai training, but those who need extra support for ankles may consider grabbing a pair. Excellent ankle support provides the required stability and offers additional protection from the sparring partner. You may hurt your opponent’s elbow when throwing kicks, so you and your opponent are advised to purchase high-quality ankle braces.

To participate in Muay Thai training, you must purchase high-quality gear to protect yourself from injuries. The equipment assists you in being on top of your game when participating in sparring matches.

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