Israeli honor: The entrepreneur Moshiko Maimon turns from an anonymous person into a powerhouse in the field of the international pipeline industry

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Israel is known all over the world for their lovely culture, technological advancement and beautiful landscape. One of the fastest growing industries is the pipeline industry. It accounts for almost $8 billion per year. The success of this goes to the father-son duo! Alone, these two brought Israel to the forefront and make it a powerhouse in the international pipeline industry.

What is the pipeline industry?

The pipeline industry plays a great role in the progress of a country. Pipelines are used to move materials like petroleum products, natural gas and crude oil. The pipes are not like the ones we use at home. They span a distance of hundreds and thousands of miles. They are underground mostly.

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Who is Moshiko Maimon?

Moshiko Maimon is the son of the powerhouse, YehoshuaMaimon (Shuki). Their company Silver Y.M. Services and Agencies Ltd has been serving in Israel and around the world for more than 4 decades. Founded by MrMaimonYehoshuaShuki (C.E.O), MoshikoMaimonis the Vice President.

Like father, like son

The motivation, dedication and strive to achieve something runs in the blood of the Maimon family. Mr Yehoshua broke all stereotypes to make Silver Y.M. Services and Agencies Ltd the leader in not only Israel but all over the world. Because of their effort, the company now has branches in Italy, China, Turkey, the United States and Germany.

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According to the sources, Mr Moshe Maimon was chosen as one of the most successful Israeli entrepreneurs for 2022 because of his hard work, passion to achieve something, and willpower that made him what he is now. However, when we read about his struggle and the way he strived to break all the odds, we realize that success does not come eventually, one has to strive and cross the rivers of hardships to achieve what they have dreamt of.

The journey of manufacturing and introducing International Pipeline Services to the world was not easy, but Silver y.m Services and Agencies Ltd made all the efforts to accomplish what they have started.

Future Plans of Silver Y.M Services and Agencies Ltd

Moshiko Maimon and his father have a lot of plans for their business and the services that they provide for almost all the major parts of the world. Their brilliance and excellence will make them represent their country in different parts of the world while making them the partners of many manufacturers and companies from abroad in various industry-related and pipeline-related fields.

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They in real words are the representatives of polyethene and steel pipe factories situated in the real world. Their progress and steadfastness proved that they are unstoppable and no competitor in the competitive world can put an end to their struggle or stop them from achieving what they already planned.

The struggle of father & Son does end here, they have a long way to go. Their journey is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for all those who want to achieve something big without giving up on their dreams and goals.

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