Masyuri: Batik Pekalongan And Creative Product Store

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Do you want branded clothing and also want to wear something very comfortable that pleases your body. Masyuri provides this comfort. It is a brand in Indonesia that provides very soothing, comfortable and  beautiful clothes,

This is the most affordable brand. That also matches the quality. Not only this it is also a type of creative productive store that produces things by using a different type of plants and planting.

This is one of the most affordable yet full of quality brand names. If you want to shop and you are interested to know about Masyuri tap the link and get all the information that is making you curious about this fantastic brand.

Batik tradition:

Batik tradition involves all the traditional clothes and clothing for ladies. They are full of tradition and make their tradition alive. Because in Indonesia the tradition this most important for the people living there.

Masyuri provides all the traditional styles and cloth because their main focus is on batik tradition. They develop more trendy clothes for young, trendy, cheerful ladies and of course for models also.

Their dress codes involve the following styles:

  • Sun-dress
  • Jumpsuit
  • Long- dress
  • Pajamas
  • Shirts and other casual clothing.
  • Comfywear
  • Daster
  • Homedress
  • Kaftan

Quality is the priority

Quality of clothes is very important for this brand because no quality is sold. They use extraordinary machinery for digital printing and other decisive pricing of patterns. They also focus on what they are delivering, product quality is the first priority of masyuri.

It is true that everyone has a right to wear a comfortable dress that makes him feel easy and masyuri fulfil this desire by providing the super comfortable cloth material. Masyuri focuh on the patterns and defines of cloth to give you possibly the best product ever. 

Other Category

Masyuri also had something else rather than clothing and fabric work. It is a type of creative store that works for the creativity of plants. Because in Indonesia plants are considered as life. Rather than batik, there are some other products that are also provided by masyuri and the most prominent is plants.

Creative store

Let’s move towards the creative store of masyuri. The creative side of this brand involves plans and some other products. Indonesian gardners are well known for caring for plants and gardening.

The home decorative plan makes you feel good and charming. Their colours bloom and fresh fragrances make you feel like a step into a haven. There are different types of plants available in the masyuri brand:

  • Monstera ornamental plant.
  • Philodendron plant.
  • Birdnest green succulent.
  • Oblique plant.
  • Dory plant.

Best quality of Balinese batik

Balinese batik is still relatively new, but is increasingly developing rapidly, especially the batik industry on the island of batik which is experiencing development. This could be because the island of Bali itself has a lot of local motifs and designs.  Now, dozens of Balinese designs have appeared.  Starting from the low-priced to those that have a price of up to millions of rupiah. Daster is very comfortable to wear at home because it uses premium materials from Pekalongan.

Balinese batik motifs are inspired by the stories of the gods in the daily life of Balinese people.  This can be seen from the motifs depicted in intricate patterns and patterns.  The design of Balinese batik also has its own prestige which shows the class differences in society in Bali.

High quality batik usually shows one’s social status in society, similar to the use of well-known designer labels or brands in western society which shows one’s wealth in the western world.  The patterns on Balinese batik are drawn using a patterning technique of wax on finely woven cotton which has been practiced as a form of meditation in Bali and Central Java for centuries.  Where, at first this mediation technique was only carried out by royal female courtiers.  That’s why until now traditional batik is only made by women.

At present, Balinese batik motifs tend to adapt to modern batik in general.  The motifs that are now widely found in modern batik are expressions of natural objects such as trees, flowers, butterflies, birds or fish for daily activities without reducing the influence of batik itself in festival processions or religious ceremonies.


At the end of the article, it is important to tell that buying a branded cloth is a good idea but buying a branded batik traditional is beyond excellence. In Indonesia, masyuri is confounding the need for branded batik, daster or kaftan with premium materials to make the rate of batik high. 

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