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KYB Verification For Complete Evaluation Of Businesses

KYB Verification For Complete Evaluation Of Businesses

The world is getting its attention diverted towards the business industry as the businessmen are said to be super successful in the modern world with multiple opportunities for trading and working online. People are starting their ventures with new techniques of business that were not present in the previous generations. With so much influence of business in people’s lives, the KYB check is implemented to verify firms for the purpose of preventing losses by means of scams and frauds.

People are making a lot from business especially with using digital platforms for the means of trading or simply the new “e-commerce” platforms. The online platforms provide a great way of managing online sales and profits. With the introduction of online trading, the fraudsters are also present on these e-commerce platforms always looking to get their hands on finances generated by the business online.

Risks Of Online Business 

The surveys show multiple online attacks have been launched on digital businesses in the past years that resulted in major losses to the business. Talking about online techniques of attacking, a major technique of online attacks is the business email compromise (BEC) attack which was launched more than 17000 times in the year 2020 impacting online business worldwide. Other research also shows that online money laundering is estimated at approximately 2% of the global GDP according to the shufti pro news.

The KYB checks are performed for the purpose of verifying businesses. It is being followed by most businesses for the identity verification of their clients at the time of the digital onboarding process. 

What is KYB?

KYB (Know Your Business) is similar to the KYC (Know Your Customer) in terms of verification but the KYB check is performed for the verification of businesses to make sure the money is cycling to the right firms. The KYB compliance is followed as directed by the 4th AML (Anti-Money Laundering) directive which emphasizes business identity verification checks to tackle the issues of financial crimes. Other laws such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) also demand the complete evaluation of businesses to prevent the problem of data breaching.

The KYB Verification Process

The know your business process is followed for the identity evaluation of the client and other businesses for secure interaction and communication. It is implemented to secure business operations at several instances, especially at the time of digital onboarding of a new client or any other business.

Business Identification

The KYB check ensures the identity of a business by verifying its services, products, and other aspects of business processes that prove its identity in the global market. The business identification process ensures the business entity and its associated information such as the date of incorporation, name, type, and status of the business for complete verification.

Business Filings

The business filings are also verified as a part of the KYB process. It verifies the business and its legal filings such as its initial reports and registrations, reservations, and other aspects of filings which may include tax papers and reports.

Business Network

The KYB business verification service also verifies the network a business is associated with. The process involves the identification of all other business networks that are associated with the business. It verifies the business beneficiaries by performing KYB identity verification checks that make sure the business is not involved in any sort of fraudulent activity.

Financial Statements Of The Business

The financial statements verification process is keen in every KYB check which helps in providing the financial information of the business. It is verified by evaluation of the banking statements of the business which provide transactional information of the firm. The verification of assets and holdings of a business helps in the complete identification of a business.


The KYB check is implemented for the verification of companies and all other entities that are involved in business processes. It ensures the credibility of the businesses and helps in preventing major crimes of money laundering, data breaching, financial scams, and business identity thefts. It is made mandatory by the law authorities in most counties to conduct KYB checks on every step of the client onboarding process. Great accretions are generated for the process of KYB, such as the shufti pro funding. With online systems of trading, the digital onboarding process is followed by which the organizations prove the identity of the client online using multiple new techniques of the modern-day world such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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