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Know about Raised Pavement Marker and road safety studs

Know about Raised Pavement Marker and road safety studs
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With number of vehicles increasing on the roads, it has become more than important to consider installing various types of road safety equipment. There are plenty of them available in the market to serve different purposes. One such product that is worth the investment is Road Studs, also referred to as ‘Cat’s Eyes’. 

What is it?

It comprises of a sheeting or lens to improve its visibility. This is achieved as light emitted by vehicle headlights reflect it, thus making the road to be visible for all drivers. It is one of the traffic safety products that can enhance road safety by manifolds. It is due to their unique design that this product has derived this name. They get anchored or bonded within road surface to mark lanes and for delineation purpose to ensure night time visibility.

Its history

These products were initially invented in 1933 by Percy Shaw, the well-known British inventor. Later in 1933, he patented this design in 1934 in the UK. It is designed in a manner to allow drivers to easily move in fog or darkness. He observed very keenly the way how car’s headlights in those days reflected the road signs, thus not letting the driver to know the proper directions. This prompted him to take action and establish a company known as ‘Reflecting Roadstuds Ltd.”, thus making it the very first road safety stud manufacturer in the world. These days, there are easily available a whole lot of Traffic Safety Supply to improve road safety. 


These products are available at https://lightentraffic.com/ in diverse sizes and constructed from different materials like glass, rigid ABS plastic or aluminium. They are designed to withstand severe impacts and heavy loads with great ease. They may even be provided with reflectors on all sides, both or any one side. Reflectors are also present in different colours based on their usage. Red, yellow and white are commonly used in many countries across the globe. 

Solar studs

Solar Road Stud is the latest introduction in the market that has solar powered LEDs. Such products operate for several days at a stretch using just a single charge. But when compared to regular reflector version, they are quite expensive. 

Different types of studs

Besides studs, one can also consider investing in Raised Pavement Marker. Studs are available in different materials like the following:

  • Plastic studs: They are designed with reflective materials and constructed using plastic. However, they are less durable and strong when compared to other materials like aluminium. They do make great choice to be used on sides of bridges, highway and form the road’s centre line. 
  • Aluminium studs: They come with aluminium casings and have reflective objects installed within them. They are durable, strong and best installed in the road’s middle part. 
  • Glass studs: These studs are created from solid, hardened safety glass. Reflector bottom is covered using a coating, thereby offering reflective effect. The reflector bounces back incoming light in same direction from where it comes, for 360 degrees. 

Solar Road Stud does make excellent choice and can help control traffic and accidents.

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