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Nowadays everybody is counting on their glowing youthful and healthy skin, but due to the chaotic lifestyle they are unable to enough attention on that. Good skin care does not require much if concentrated on regular basis appropriately. If anyone is not having enough time for intensive skin care, that’s completely okay. We have some simple and easy to follow healthy skin care tips and home remedies to consider making the skin glow well. Good and healthy glowing skin helps to reduce the aging process time. Read on the demonstrated tips to prevent from various skin problems. Get started with no-nonsense tips at all. 

Tips to follow up: 

Protect skin from sun 

The major and most important thing to take care of your skin is to protect it from sun. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems. It’s hard to believe, but affects of sun can cause skin cancer though. It’s a necessity to protect from sun rays. 

Know what to do for sun protection

  • Always use sunscreen before getting out. Take broad spectrum sunscreen for use with at least the SPF 15. Apply sunscreen properly on hands, feet and face foremost. If your skin is too delicate and sensitive, keep replying the sunscreen in every 2 hours. 
  • Seek for the shades to stay. Avoid staying in sun from 10AM to 4PM at least. This time has the strongest sun rays, which directly harm or even burn the skin. 
  • Wear full clothes to cover full hands, scarf to cover face and shoes for the protection of feet. Wear extra layer of clothing for the protection of skin from ultraviolet rays. In fact use specially designed cloths to protect from ultraviolet rays. 

Stop smoking immediately 

Smoking cause wrinkles and makes your skin looks aged. Smoking reduces the tiny blood vessels on the outermost layer of skin, which decreases the blood flow and makes the skin paler. The skin deals with lack of oxygen and nutrients, which are literally very important for skin health. Smoking damages the collagen and elastin – which are important to strength and elasticity. The face structure you change while smoking like pushing your lips inwards can cause severe wrinkles. Smoking increases the risk of squamous cell skin cancer. If you want to protect skin health, quit this bad habit right now. If it is hard for you to quit smoking, then ask from doctor to help out in that case. 

Give skin gentle care 

Daily cleansing and shaving can harm skin texture. Hot water and long baths can remove oil from your skin. Use warm instead of using hot water to bathe. Do not use wrong soaps on skin; instead use mild cleansers on skin. Apply shaving cream before using razor to shave. Ensure to use sharp but completely clean razor. Ensure to shave from the direction of hair grows, not against of it. Do not rub towel on your skin. Just pat dry with a soft fiber towel to keep the skin soft and glow. It helps to remain some moisture on skin. Use moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. Check which moisturizer suits better on skin texture. Use the moisturizer contains SPF for regular usage. 

Healthy diet is a must

Healthy diet does not only keep the body fit but also give glow and health to skin texture. Diet makes you feel the best version of you. Eat healthy meals, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and all required protein consumption for making skin youthful. For the younger looking skin, keep concentrating on having enough hydration to maintain the glow. Read also: Wpc2025

Do not take much stress 

Undeniably stress is the part of life. The ups and downs, balance and imbalances in lifestyle, problems and solutions – everything causes stress and happiness. Meantime taking a lot of stress can trigger acnes on skin type and harm the texture although. Keep your mind in healthy and positive state, manage the stress level, stay happier results to keep the skin glow well. Try to do things you love to perform and enjoy though. Do not bother about what will happen or what is missing, give your dreams also a space to live for own good. 

Home Remedies:

  • Apply virgin coconut oil on skin. 
  • Use aloe vera oil for strong and healthy skin maintenance. 
  • Take probiotics if possible 

Final Words: 

Paying attention on keeping skin healthy is a step towards self-care and self-love. The Call Girls in Goa follow all the above mentioned measures, which make them look so beautiful, pretty and natural. You too follow these measures to stay beautiful and youthful for long run. Do not let the skin feels dull, dry and paler. Be the star in own vision with just few simple steps of maintenance.  

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