January 6th and the Millenial Horde Reflects Our Own Mistakes Right Back At Us

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If you should take anything away from a history book, textbook, or historical fiction, let it be that humankind makes many mistakes. In itself, this is not such a big flaw, but the real consequences start to surface when instead of owning mistakes, we double down on them.

Blunders For The Ages

If you need convincing, simply buy Civil War-related books online or read a buy Jewish history book. Even a healthcare reform book would suffice because there is no industry, subject, or field that isn’t riddled with errors. Believe it or not, many of these are perpetuated because they’re met with gullibility.

Perhaps humans are so happy to endorse their mistakes because they know that with the right amount of confidence, nobody would oppose them.

If you research, you’ll find fallacies interwoven into everything from culture to society. Even literature. January 6th and the Millenial Horde, a 3D fictional book, has one right on the cover, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming nominated for the book of the year. Why is that?

The Story Behind The Missing “N”

That’s right. It’s millenial, not milleNNial. Or is it? Andy Lazris, M.D., the author, says the former, while the English dictionary says it’s the latter.

So who’s right; the supposed authority on the lexicon as we know it or a bestselling author with multiple degrees?

Interestingly, reviewers rave about the book using the spelling “millennial”, even though that’s not what it’s called. Is this because the author messed up? A deeper look tells us that this book follows the story of a heavily mislead public wrapped around the finger of two individuals whose unparalleled oratory skills diminish the need for other abilities. The masses believe them because they seem believable.

When the average person buys affordable nonfiction books, it’s not to challenge the content. However, there are areas where we, as a people, can’t afford not to challenge the content.

So back to the N (or Ns). It all started in the business district of New York, where an upscale hotel hoodwinked dozens of passers-by: The Hilton Millenium.

Instead of having the desired effect, this hotel seems to have planted this misspelling in enough minds that many will tell you confidently that it is, in fact, spelled millenium. This, coupled with the fact that the 1997 version of Microsoft Word didn’t highlight it as an error, cleared a path for the flaw all the way to 2022.

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How Did This Happen?

Let’s be clear; the correct spelling has two Ns. However, the hotel’s owner decided to spell it differently to stand out. Unfortunately, nobody noticed the mistake. Until the word became one of the most commonly misspelled in the language.

The fact is that if things look right, most people aren’t inclined to explore them further. This may not be the most outrageous oversight when it comes to spelling. Then again, if you simply gloss over mistakes and then go the extra mile to accept them as correct subconsciously, then imagine what you might miss.

As citizens of a democratic nation, we have a duty to know what we want, and the individuals we elect to secure it don’t have major failings. A look through healthcare reform will prove that there is an abundance of instances where the result wasn’t really what anyone would want. A recent example is the loss of Roe. To the masses, this was an incredible shock, but doctors say that they saw it coming.

It’s important to acknowledge, when things go wrong, how they happened. The more you do this, the more you’ll retain control of what goes on around you.

Today, if you check the US patent office, you’ll see Millenium Biologix, Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Millenium Digital Technologies, and more. There’s also a PDF for the Patent Public Advisory Committee Meeting Patents for Humanity that reads, “President Barack Obama U.N. Millenium Development Goals Summit September 22, 2010” on page 11. A mistake ignored is a mistake cemented.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason that book reviewers misspell the title of January 6th and the Millenial Horde, and it’s not because they know better. It’s because today, we have built-in technologies to correct our spellings and even finish our sentences neatly.

If one allows for it, smart tech and anti-error mechanisms will erase mistakes from our societies, leaving us with no clue how to correct them, let alone identify them. A great way to keep your mind questioning as it should be is to purchase fiction books online that challenge the very way you see the world.

Many of the ” best nonfiction books to read 2021″ were COVID-19 books, but the discerning reader might have found that the make-believe made for more productive thought than the nonfiction health benefits-related books. Nobody has a running process in their mind that weeds out oversights, but feeding your critical thinking abilities is still your obligation as a member of society.

About The Author

Will Peters is a history professor who enjoys researching age-old errors that have gone on to become part of the fabric of society. In his opinion, it’s very important to learn about the potential consequences of a glossed-over error. In his spare time, he likes to game online to interact with people all over the globe, and he has a fondness for graphic novels.

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