Is Shrimp Good for You?

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Did you know that in the last 5 years, shrimp sales increased from 235 million pounds to 415 million pounds?

That shows how much Americans truly love their shrimp.

But the real question is, is shrimp good for you? Are there benefits? If so, what are they?

Read this guide and learn all about shrimp and if it is good for you!

High in Protein

For starters, shrimp is high in protein, which is a very important part of anyone’s diet. In just 3 ounces of shrimp, you can get 20 grams of protein. And with this 20 grams of protein, you’re only getting 84 calories at the same time.

Because shrimp is so high in protein and has so few calories, it is easy to feel fuller for longer with eating less.

Rich in Nutrients

Shrimp is also home to many nutrients that we need in our everyday lives.

It provides:

  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Iodine

These nutrients are crucial for our body in many different ways. For instance, zinc is beneficial for immunity and has also been found to have anti-inflammatory effects to help with acne. Magnesium is a powerful nutrient needed to help with bone health and more.

If you’re ready to get all of your nutrients, you’ll want to view this fine dining restaurant and its menu.

Improve Heart Health

Shrimp’s anti-inflammatory effect also comes from EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid, and DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid. These are both omega-3 fatty acids which are extremely important nutrients for heart health and brain health, too.

Getting enough omega-3 fatty acids can help with giving you the proper nutrients to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Boost Cognitive Health

Who doesn’t want a little brain boost here and there to feel less brain fog and more alert?

Well, shrimp can do that by reducing the toxins and protecting against free radicals in your body. By doing this, shrimp can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as neurodegenerative diseases as well.

Disease Prevention

In just a tiny little shrimp, there are so many preventive nutrients and vital components to our diets to help prevent diseases.

Not only has shrimp been found to help lower the risk of neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, but it can also help with:

  • Skin and eye disease
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Diabetes
  • Renal diseases
  • Thyroid disease

Is Shrimp Good for You?

So is shrimp good for you?

Although there are plenty of benefits of eating shrimp, just with anything you consume, you don’t want to overdo it. Having too much of anything can be bad – even if it is good for you.

However, if you don’t currently eat shrimp that often at all, then you may want to increase your intake of this little creature to reap all of the benefits!

Did you enjoy reading about the health benefits of shrimp? Check out some other fun reads like this one on our site!

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