Is It Time To Refinance Your Car Loan?

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After qualifying for the best car loan and buying their desired car, the next step for people is paying their monthly payments. This is not usually a problem for many people as they have researched and chosen the lenders with the best rates and terms depending on their financial qualifications.

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However, as time goes by, some people feel like they can get better loan deals, which is where refinancing comes in. Refinancing may save car buyers a lot of money in the long run, but people need to determine whether it’s the best choice. Some signs that people should look at for refinancing include:

Lower Interest Rates

Getting a lower interest rate is why most people refinance auto loans. Interest rates are the major determiner of how much they pay in the long run, which is why everybody wants the lowest rates.

The Federal Reserve usually sets federal funds rates, which determine the interest rates that lenders give their clients. Since March 2020, the rate has been nearly 0%, causing interest rates to drop to their all-time lows.

People who bought their cars before March can significantly benefit from the reduced interest rates. Borrowers can also shop around and get better interest rates from other lenders. One disadvantage of changing lenders is that they might charge an early repayment penalty.

Better Credit Score and Income

Before granting borrowers loans, lenders take a look at the credit score. Tit determines how much the borrower qualifies for, the interest rate, monthly repayments, and loan term.

If you have a higher credit score, you will get lower interest rates and better repayment terms. Over the loan period, people might have worked to improve their credit score to a place that qualifies them for better rates and loan terms.

People can increase their credit score by paying off existing debts, paying their credit card debts, and paying bills on time. There are different online platforms like Annual Credit Report and Fico where borrowers can keep track of their credit scores.

Lenders also look at borrowers’ income and cash flow. If borrowers get a higher or more stable income by the course of the loan term, lenders are more willing to refinance auto loans. With a better credit score and income, borrowers can also consider shopping around for other lenders with the best deals because more lenders are likely to approve them.

Needing To Adjust Loan Payment Period

Sometimes, people might have a loan with reasonable interest rates but want to change the payment period. People who struggle to make monthly payments can ask for a more extended loan repayment period, reducing the monthly payments.

Also, people who have recently gotten an increase in income can ask for a shorter loan term, meaning more monthly payments. According to Lantern Credit’s experts, “Lower monthly payments from a refinanced car loan are usually achieved as the result of a loan term, which can mean paying more over the life of the loan, even if the new interest rate is lower.”

While refinancing auto loans may benefit the borrowers, they need to consider how much they will save in the long run and if it’s worth it. They also need to look if their current lenders charge prepayment penalties, which will add to the amount they pay in the long term. Before approving refinance, lenders also look at the age of the car.

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