Is It Safe to Wear a Waist Trainer While Pregnant?

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Wearing a waist trainer makes you look slimmer and attractive instantly. The waist trainers have become a part of life for millions of women across the world. However, it is not safe to wear a waist trainer during pregnancy because it squeezes your midsection with high compression. Your stomach and abdomen need to stay free while you are pregnant and you should not try anything that is dangerous for you and your child.

Most waist trainers are made of latex or neoprene and spandex fabrics. They come with built-in steel boning for firm compression and added support. The waist trainer starts working from the moment you put it on, it slims your waistline, flattens your tummy & abdomen and supports your back. If you want to know if you should wear a waist trainer during pregnancy then keep reading as I am going to answer all such queries right here.

Is It Safe to Wear a Waist Trainer While Pregnant?

No, it is not safe to wear a waist trainer while pregnant as it gives high compression. Many women ask if they can do waist training during pregnancy and the answer is NO. From the day you get pregnant to the day you give birth to your baby, your body expands gradually. As your baby grows in the womb, your uterus and abdominal muscles expands. It also stretches your abdomen skin every week to cover your baby inside.

During the pregnancy period, you should avoid wearing anything that causes tightness around your midsection. Whether it is a tight pair of clothes or a waist trainer corset/cincher, you should avoid wearing it when pregnant. Because the tightness around your waist and stomach is neither safe for your health nor for the baby in your womb. Therefore I strictly advice not to wear a waist trainer when you are pregnant as it can lead to uneasiness, discomfort and some dangerous consequences.

Possible Risks of Wearing a Waist Trainer While Pregnant

The waist trainers are very useful for instant body shaping to create a slimmer look. But they are not recommended during pregnancy and I will tell you why waist trainers are not safe to use in pregnancy.

Restricted Breathing and Blood Flow:

The waist trainer holds your midsection tightly from all sides to give it an hourglass shape. The compression affects your lung capacity to take oxygen through deep breathing. The high compression of your waist trainer doesn’t allow you to take deep breaths to get enough oxygen for you and your baby in the womb. It also affects the blood flow, the 360-degree compression can restrict the blood flow which can be dangerous for the baby.

Restrict Expansion of Uterus and Abdomen:

Your uterus and abdominal muscles expand every week of the pregnancy. As your baby grows in the womb, the uterus and abdominal muscles have to expand to make enough space for the baby. When you wear a waist trainer while pregnant, it compresses your waist, stomach and abdomen which will also restrict the expansion of your uterus and abdominal muscles. It is very dangerous as it does not allow the natural process of pregnancy, it may lead to miscarriage or other complications.

Reduce Appetite and Food Consumption:

The waist trainer is tight enough to reduce your appetite, so you may not eat as much as you are used to eat. You need to eat more food (more nutritious) food during pregnancy. Your baby needs vitamins, nutrition and calories that you have to give it by eating enough food everyday. Your baby in the womb gets all its food and water from the food you eat and it is very important to eat enough while you are pregnant. If you cannot eat enough while pregnant because of a waist trainer, it can affect your baby’s physical and mental development inside.

So, these are the possible risks of wearing a waist trainer in pregnancy.

What is an Alternative of a Waist Trainer in Pregnancy?

A maternity shapewear is an alternative of a waist trainer in pregnancy, it is safe. You should not wear a waist trainer in pregnancy but you can wear a maternity shapewear as an alternative. The maternity shapewear does not contain any steel boning like a waist trainer, it is designed to provide support during the pregnancy period. The maternity shapewear does not have latex or neoprene like allergic materials, so it is safe to use for all women.

Final Thoughts:

The waist trainers are best in their own way but they are not safe during pregnancy period. Therefore it is better to avoid wearing a waist trainer while you are pregnant and go for a maternity shapewear to get needed support.

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