iPad Problems which turn these user-friendly Devices into a Complete Nuisance

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Apple Inc. so far has been providing matchless smart devices in the cell phone industry. According to a customer satisfaction study, the Apple devices rating regarding tablets, cell phones and PCs has been the highest, so far. With a personalized iOS, iCloud and App Store, Apple has been saving its users from the hassles of malware, viruses and many other problems. Still, a device is a machine and it starts malfunctioning, at times due to some wrong usage or settings and sometimes due to some faulty hardware or software. If you are an iPad user and your device is not working fine, then Repair Guys, the cell phone repair store in Trinidad and Tobago provides at hand solutions.

Common iPad Issues and Sorting them at Home


Smart devices keep guiding their users, even if they are new. If your iPad is working abnormally, then it’s better to thoroughly study its user guide again. If the issue persists after resetting, then you may need to get the smart expertise of cell phone repair store Trinidad and Tobago. Here are a few iPad errors that can be resolved at home, in case they don’t then you need to get some technical help.

Google Chrome keeps crashing

The downloaded apps often crash and result in malfunctioning of your iPad. Sometimes, you forget to make an update and that results in crashing of Chrome. A bad update can also lead to its crashing. If it is so, you don’t need to panic or rush to some cell phone repair center. Just close the app completely and go to settings for cleaning its cache. The iPad keeps the recently used apps in recent memory. In the window click the crashing app and hold until the device shows the close button. Click the close button to completely stop the app. This force stop helps to clean the app from the memory and then you can go for a fresh start. If the issue persists, then the best solution is to uninstall the app and download its latest version. 

WIFI not getting connected

iPads are really user friendly devices, but sometimes they start showing WIFI connection issues. In such a case, first of all go to WIFI settings and find out if the device is catching signals or not. If there are strong signals, but the tablet fails to connect, then turn the iPad off. If the problem still persists, then go to WIFI settings, choose network and then click the option ‘Forget this Network’. According to cell phone repair center analysis, this option is specially meant for WIFI connection troubleshooting and your device should start working fine after this process.

iPad Frozen Screen

Apple devices usually don’t get stuck or frozen. If your iPad is experiencing a frozen screen over and over again, then this issue shows some memory corruption or software conflicts. First of all, you need to turn the device off and then start again. This simple process helps reset the hardware to its default, resulting in cleaning the memory. If the issue persists then try to ensure that your device hardware is working fine and for it you need to get it checked at phone repairs Port of Spain. 

iTunes not Recognizing the Device

If your iPad shows such an error, then it can be rooted with either iTunes or your iPad. First of all check the iTunes and update the device software and if the device still fails to recognize iTunes, then turn the iPad off and then turn on. After that swipe the slider and turn it on. If it experiences the same issue then try another lightning cable. If the device still behaves alien with iTunes, then try another USB port. After all these measures, if the device sticks to the same issue, then it is better to uninstall iTunes and download a fresh copy. 

iPad not getting charged

If your iPad is not getting charged then there can be various reasons behind it. First of all, try another charger. If the device still doesn’t start charging, then check the socket. If the socket is all fine, then there must be an error in the charging port. A faulty charging port is the most common issue in iPads that mostly happens due to frequent plugins. For its solution, you need to visit the cell phone repair store Trinidad and Tobago. Repairing the charging port is a delicate procedure, which needs technical assistance, having proper tools and you should not try this at home. 


  • What can be the problem behind an iPad not turning on?

If your iPad is not turning on and showing a black screen, then most of the time it is because of a dead battery or due to the battery not getting properly charged.

  • How can common iPad issues be resolved at home?

Apple devices are very strong as the brand offers robust software and hardware. Most of the common errors iPad get resolved after little changes in the setting or by turning the device off and restarting. 

  • What is the average lifespan of an iPad?

iPads last for many years, but an estimated good working time of these devices is around 4 years.

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