Importance of sleep for brain health

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According to experts like Neurologist in Karachi sleep deficits can take a toll on the brain health, while quality sleep is crucial for cognitive function, learning and memory. In fact, skipping sleep can mess with more than the morning mood. Read on to know more about the importance of sleep for brain health: 

Sleep boosts the mood

Sleep deprived brain tends to have more negative symptoms than positive ones. This is because the brain needs sleep to process the emotions. With people who miss on sleep, the chances of developing mood disorders are higher, in comparison to people who get a full night’s sleep. 

In addition, a good night’s sleep makes one feel energized and more alert the following day. Getting enough sunlight during the day and being engaged in activities even works to make one sleep better the following night, and the cycle continues. 

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Sleep makes the brain sharper

Napping through the day and getting enough sleep makes the brain sharper and is a great alternative to caffeine. Studies show that people who took at least an hour-long nap during the day experienced more mental clarity than those who did not nap. Therefore, sleeping through the night and napping through the day keeps the brain sharper and more productive. People who nap during the day have lower levels of stress with better mood, memory and cognitive function throughout the day. 

Sleep decreases the risk of depression

Sleep has an impact on the chemicals and neurotransmitters in the brain, including serotonin. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night ensures that the levels of serotonin do not dip. On the other hand, people with serotonin deficiencies are at higher risk of depression. 

Sleep is the time when the body heals itself

While the brain is shut off, the body takes its time to heal itself. During sleep, the body reverses the damage induced by harmful toxins, stress and ultraviolet radiation. Even protein production increases during sleep, which are the building blocks for the body. 

Sleep is essential for healthier heart

People who get sound sleep have better control of blood pressure as the vessels relax and the heart has to pump less blood. Alternatively, staying up and skipping sleep leads to higher blood pressure readings through the 24-hour cycle and this puts one at risk of heart disease, including stroke. In this regard, even short naps have long-term benefits. 

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Sleep improves memory

Although it is not exactly understood how, memory consolidation occurs during sleep. Even though the body is resting during this time, part of the brain is busy processing the events of the day and during deep sleep it makes memories and links. 

Well rested people have better weight control

Research shows that sleeping less than normal during the night is more likely to make one overweight and obese. Sleep impacts the balance of hormones responsible for hunger and satiety—ghrelin and leptin—and if these hormones are out of balance, there is change in eating pattern. Thus, people who want to lose weight should get adequate sleep on a regular basis. 

Instead, losing sleep can make people prone to overeating and choosing foods that do not help with optimal weight. Sleep-deprived individuals are more likely to choose unhealthy foods to snack on.  

Sleep helps to keep the blood sugar steady

During sleep, the cells in the body use up glucose, and the blood glucose levels go down. Without having the deep stage of sleep, the body has a harder time in processing blood sugar and the levels of serum glucose can spike putting one at risk of type II diabetes. 

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Sleep is essential for the immune system

The defense mechanism of the body identifies viruses and bacteria in the body and attacks them before they can wreak havoc in the body. Lack of sleep can change the way the immune system works. People with sleep deprivation get sick more often and visit Khatoon Hospital due to poor immune system. 

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