Home Services HVAC Contractors in Athens GA Warn about Installation Mistakes

HVAC Contractors in Athens GA Warn about Installation Mistakes

HVAC Contractors in Athens GA Warn about Installation Mistakes

Are you preparing to install an air conditioning or heating unit? You have to know that people can make mistakes because they might not know the proper installation process. This article will explain the appropriate installation process the HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, follows and the mistakes that individuals make; so that you avoid making them.

Installation Process Steps the HVAC Contractors in Athens GA Take

Although HVAC companies install the HVAC, the clients should know the process. The reason HVAC experts give is that the installation staff might forget a step. So, the clients can remind the installers about the step they forgot.

Turning off the HVAC System

The first step is to turn off the air conditioner and heating unit. The HVAC staff can’t work on the unit if it is still on because it has to be opened for inspection. Another critical point to note here is to unplug the equipment to avoid the threat of being electrocuted.

Removing the Old HVAC Unit

The staff HVAC repair company in Athens, GA, has to carefully remove the old system and ensure that nothing is damaged. The staff will safely use the right tools and methods to remove the HVAC system.

Proper Installation of Both HVAC Units

The next step the staff takes is installing both HVAC units the same way the old one was installed. After that, both units must be connected and switched on to see if they are working correctly.

HVAC Repair Company in Athens GA Warning about Mistakes

It has been mentioned in the introductory paragraph that people make mistakes that have to be avoided. The errors will be noted and explained in the points below by HVAC contractors like Superior Air Management.

Trying to Install HVAC unit Alone

Many individuals think hiring HVAC contractors will waste their time and money, so they try installing AC and heating units themselves. This can create several issues because you don’t have the skills and equipment.

An Inappropriate HVAC Size is Selected

Homeowners don’t have the experience to judge which HVAC size will be the best for the property. In this misunderstanding, they select the wrong size. The chosen size is either too big or smaller than the property.

Placing Outdoor Unit Near Vegetation

Another mistake that you have to beware of is that the outdoor unit of the HVAC system should be kept safe from vegetation because grass, twigs, leaves, and branches can get stuck in the system and cause damage.

Keeping the Thermostat at the Same Reading

The thermostat setting has to be changed according to the changing weather and temperature. Keeping the thermostat at the same setting can malfunction in the newly-installed unit.

Not Hiring Repair and Maintenance Services

The HVAC system has to be inspected, maintained, and repaired after the installation. For this reason, you must hire HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, to receive the best services. Avoiding these services can be a big mistake as your HVAC system might become damaged and wear out before the recommended time.

These are the mistakes that clients should avoid when planning to have a new HVAC system installed.


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