How WiFi Extenders Actually Work to Increase Your Internet Speed?

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Fast internet is what everyone wants. Boosted Wi-Fi speed is a necessity than a luxury and Wi-Fi extenders work wonderfully to deliver the speedy connection you want. A strong and reliable internet connection is what all of us need to work or study remotely.

Usually, people living in larger homes experience fluctuating Wi-Fi connection because of weak signals. Wi-Fi extenders sound incredibly appealing when you’re stuck with a lagging and unstable internet connection.

Do You Need a Wi-Fi Extender?

To determine whether you need a Wi-Fi extender at all, it’s important to evaluate the current internet coverage in your home. If there are dead zones in the house where the connection is unable to reach, then a Wi-Fi extender is a pretty good investment. It saves you a ton of money you’d otherwise spend on extra cables and pricey networking gear that includes hubs and switches.

Your current WiFi coverage will increase and enhance network performance thanks to WiFi boosters. You will be able to receive strong WiFi connectivity across your devices and enjoy fast internet access for online gaming, HD streaming, and working on larger internet-based projects at home. One of the quickest ways to figure out if you actually need a Wi-Fi extender is to check your broadband internet connection.

If you get weak Wi-Fi signals in most parts of your home or office then you definitely need to connect your router to a Wi-Fi extender and create a whole separate network. There are many situations that a Wi-Fi range extender can simplify such as:

  • Extending WiFi Coverage Radius

Limited Wi-Fi coverage means slow internet and poor connection in many areas of your home. Wi-Fi extenders extend and amplify the Wi-Fi signals from the router to cover the potential dead zones.

  • Get Better WiFi Access Outdoors

Getting strong internet access outside your home like the garage, porch or backyard can be difficult but the addition of a Wi-Fi extender in your network can improve the connectivity outside as well.

  • Improve Internet Speed in Specific Areas

Some areas in your house may have a slow internet connection because of the distance but a Wi-Fi extender can improve the connection and signal strength in those distant areas.

  • Increase Router’s Capacity

Wi-Fi extenders can increase the capability and capacity of your router to handle more traffic and a higher number of devices.

  • Improve Network Efficiency With Wi-Fi Extender Features

Wi-Fi extenders come with a ton of helpful features and benefits like dual-band Wi-Fi, beamforming, companion apps, and more which boost your network’s efficiency.

How Does a WiFi Extender Actually Boost Your Internet Speed?

A Wi-Fi extender is a quick fix for all the dead zones in your home or space. Instead of thinking of a Wi-Fi extender as a device that will beam the strongest Wi-Fi signals throughout your home, think of it as a quick solution to get rid of the dead zones in your house.

For the best results, place the extender between the router and dead zone area and plug it into a power outlet. The extender will pick the signals from your router and amplify or extend it to cover up the rest of your home, particularly, dead zones. You may notice a decrease in the speeds delivered by the ‘extended’ unit as the extender operates on the router’s frequency band.

Since the speed that is used to reach your devices directly is going through another medium now, this extra step reduces the WiFi’s speed by almost half and affects the overall performance. Mesh routers on the other hand work on 2 different frequency bands, reducing the speed loss and boosting Wi-Fi coverage.

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To blanket, the transmission from your router over your entire home, fix a Wi-Fi extender in a place where it can receive your router’s signal and distribute it to devices connected to your network. It’s wiser to fetch an internet connection via router or access point instead of consuming mobile data, and a Wi-Fi extender always helps in such a situation.

The type of Wi-Fi extended and router you choose makes or breaks the quality of your experience.

Best WiFi Extenders to Buy

You’re going to be investing a lot of money in your home network, so make smart investments that won’t cost you an arm and a leg or a ton of maintenance in the long run.

Here are a few of our favorite Wi-Fi extenders that won’t let you down with their performance!

  • Netgear EX3700

Available on Amazon for less than $50, this model is popular for letting the user create a wireless access point and letting anything connect to your network – Blu-ray, smart TV, gaming console, or streaming player. Plus it comes with a handy mobile app that offers help with network and setup management.

  • TP-Link RE220

This model is popular for delivering strong dual-band Wi-Fi of up to 750 Mbps. It helps you find the best place to install the extender and comes with an Ethernet port too! It retails for around $30 only and is available on Amazon and B&H.

To Wrap It Up

One of the best ways to quickly get rid of dead zones in your house and amplify the router’s Wi-Fi strength is to buy a Wi-Fi range extender. A reliable router, a high-performing extender, and your favorite pick from Spectrum Internet deals can get you the best network performance at home!

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